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Monday, April 24, 2006

   hi people!
hey there! i can't believe i'm updating so soon, since it's been off and on so often. i'm so proud of me! lol so how is everybody? as you can see, i changed my site from Pita-Ten(as adorable as it was) to Sasu-kun(who is very sexxi). next week, i think i'll change it to Haku, because he needs a tribute to himself. i mean, he died to protect someone he cared alot about! he deserves a tribute! ^-^ Well, i don't think i've any more to cover...oh! i have three new quiz results(or four) on page 6 of my result page thing.
RANDOM QUESTION: Who's played the Kingdom Hearts games before? -i've recently started playing the first game, and i am pretty good. i'm on the Wonderland level(obviously from Alice in Wonderland). i think that's pretty far!
RANDOM QUOTE: "Get away from Sasuke, Ino-pig!" -Haruno Sakura(Naruto)
Well, i'll talk to you all later i guess!
Hugs and Kisses to all,

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