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Thursday, September 15, 2005

   bad news!
hey pplz! i have doubly bad news! which is bad! lol first of all, my skool decided to make up this new rule saying no backpacks whatsoever on campus because retarded kids are tripping over other kids backpacks. second of all, has anyone seen the notice that said that do as infinity, the band who does shinjutsu no uta and fukai mori(inuyasha theme songs), have split up? thats cruel and unusual punishment! thats horrible! i luv that band, and now im finding out that they broke up?! that sux!
anyways, how is everyone else doing? lol
if ya havent noticed, im very bipolar. lol
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: how did you find out about theO?
i found out from my best bud in the whole wide world! not to make any of you feel bad or anything, cuz i still luv all of ya!
much luv,

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