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Monday, September 12, 2005

hey! i just got out of skool for today, and im wiped out. all i wanna do is sleep, eat, and go on the computer. lol how are all of you?
my friend wants to join up on theO, and he needs a nickname. can some of you help me with that? just give me ideas please and thank you!
btw, here are my stats so far!
total visits: 309
popularity ranking: 2,795 [out of 34,985 active sites]
id like to thank everybody who helped me get here! id really like it if more people added comments cuz ive noticed im only getting a few comments to my posts everyday. i mean, i realize theyre a little boring, but all you have to do is tell me and ill try to change them.
heres a question!
RANDOM QUESTION: what is the most comments youve ever gotten for a post?
i think mine is 8...so lets try and get it there or higher!! kk?
well, i g2g, but would more of you comment please and thank you?ttyl tomodachis!
much luv,

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