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Even If I Laid Everything Out For You
It Doesn't Mean Your Going To Know Me
So If You Really Want To Know Me
Drop Me A Comment
Or Send Me A Message
I'll Be Sure To Respond Sooner
Or Later

I'm Caitlin

I'm Goofy
But I Would Have To Say My Friends Are Even More Goofy

I'm A Monster ;3

I'm Sixteen Years Young


I'm Kinda OCD At Times
Things Have To Be In Order
Be Symmetrical
And Stacked A Certain Way
Or I Freak

I'm A Vegetarian
And I Plan To Stay One

I'm A Band Nerd
And I Enjoy Every Moment Of It
Even If I Do b***h And Complain Most Of The Time
Lol xD

I'm A Slacker

I Love Art
Even If I Suck At It Terribly
I Plan To Pursue A Job In The Art Field

My Art Teacher Has It In For Me
She gave Me A 10% In Her Class
Because I Waited Till The Last Minuet
To Give Her My Sketch Book For A Grade

I Want To Go To SAA
School Of Advertising Art
Or Some College In New York

I Enjoy Every Moment In Life
The Good Ones And The Bad Ones

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally Posting Again

Whatever Happened With this Place ? It's Been Ages Since I Posted And I Highly Doubt Anyone Will Respond. But Like Whats up

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