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Saturday, August 26, 2006


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Hello everyone my name is Chibi Pyro Duo, just call me Duo because that name is a mouthful. I just started getting into drawing you can blame Karumichan, and I'm mostly a writer so if you have story ideas PM me.


Date: 8-26-06

Well everyone thanks for the remarks for Charles. I'm sure that he'll get better soon. V.V

They provided a breakfast today, they've been giving us a lot of free food. I think it's so that we don't go all out on fastfood the first couple of days. Today I've been hanging out with my roomate Ilana and my friend James. Their really cool, and we click.

Question: What grade are you going into. (If your in school. If you aren't what was the last grade you graduated.)

Answer: I'm a freshman in college.


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