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Sorry guys the chapters below aren't edited at all so you know how it goes bad grammar and the first one kinda bites >< but still enjoy (and click on archives for the first one)
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Monday, August 29, 2005

   Chapter six or so (finally!)

Bet you weren't expecting this, yep full on chapter here for you veiwing pleasure Enjoy and sorry for the length ^^

Awakening: Chapter Six*************************************

I stared at the bloody mess before me in awe. My dreams have always been bad, but I would have never even thought of them taking me here, and if this was like any other dream, I would be seeing everything and feeling everything as if it was really happening.

See, my dreams are more of visions. I actually can feel if someone’s punches me, if I eat food I can actually taste it. It really was quite amazing…..for someone OTHER than me.

Below me I continued to watch the people kill each other carelessly. I slowly walked toward the edge of the cliff I was standing on to get a better look at some of the people to see if I could recognize any of them. If I had only known that someone was behind me at the moment. If I had only been paying attention more to the things around me instead of below me……

I wouldn’t have been blacked out by someone’s sword hilt.

I wouldn’t feel horrible pain in my head when my vision returned to me.

And I most certainly would NOT be in the stupid fire temple of Teranim waiting for what could only be described as possible. Excruciating. Pain.

…….Sadly, that is EXACTLY where I’m at right now

“Who are you?!” a woman holding a sword up to my neck asks

I reply with a smirk on my face “I’m Deru Ikau, and from the looks of it you’re a priestess am I right?” The woman’s face hardens as if I had just insulted her or something. Obviously back then the people of Teranim were a lot ruder than they were now.

“How dare you lie to me” the woman says with a harsh tone. I look at her with the most confused look I can manage, not that it was hard though; I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused. All I have given this woman was my name and apparently I had ‘lied’ to her already.

Another woman I hadn’t noticed before stands in the corner with a child in her arms. She looks pleadingly towards the woman holding the sword to my neck as if she knew who I was and was trying to defend me. But the woman holding the sword doesn’t notice and soon starts to tighten her grip.

“Now, tell me what your REAL name is” the woman asks again “Or I‘ll slit your throat for the intrusion you’ve caused us.” It’s obvious that I do not want to make this woman angry so I try to play along with her.

“My name is….Farrah” I reply casually. The name meant ‘voice’ in the language that the people of Teranim used back before the Great War.

The woman’s grip on her sword soon decreased and it was eventually taken away from my neck entirely. “We’ll see what Kouen says.” She stated while walking away swiftly. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, but I had a feeling ‘Kouen’ loved visitors as much as this woman did.

“You must follow her” the woman holding the child said quietly. She hadn’t talked this entire time so I almost forgot she was there. “Follow who? Her?” I reply pointing towards the woman who just exited the room, “No deal.”

“Her name is Rena, and I’m Yura” the woman in the corner says with a darker tone. She walks towards me and nods with her head towards the direction ‘Rena’ went “Come on, I’ll take you to where you need to go.”

I walk alongside Yura down the dimly lit hallway of the fire temple. The whole time she never looked at me; only at the child in her arms who was now fast asleep.

I couldn’t take the silence any longer “so who’s Kouen?” I ask Yura before entering the room where Rena had walked into.

“He is the flame guardian; Rena is his right-hand soldier and priestess. She consults him before doing anything.” Yura replied while attempting to wake the child in her arms. She only succeeded in making the little girl roll over in her arms making it much more uncomfortable for Yura to hold her. She sighed as we reached the room and pointed me towards the door. “I will be with you shortly” she smiled up at me as I walked into the doorway “Don’t be afraid of them.”

Yeah right

In the room standing on a huge altar was a person who could only be described as the flame guardian. He had a smile on his face which at the moment I was hoping was a good sign. Rena stood right next to him with her eyes directed straight towards my left hand, she obviously was mad about something but I couldn’t tell at the moment what.

“You’re the intruder right?” Kouen asked with a godly tone. “Yeah that’s me. I am deeply sorry about intruding but at the moment I did not know where I was.” I replied while attempting to match his tone “It was only until I woke up here when I realized where I was exactly.”

Kouen replied this time only with a smile; making it very clear that he knew something I didn’t. His silence now gave me a chance to get an actual good look at him. His hair was dark brown like mine and it looked as though he was the same age as me, but his eyes were clearly different than any I have ever looked upon. Colored with the darkest red I’ve ever seen they were filled with fatigue and hatred even though he kept a smile on his face. It was obvious that the war had taken it’s toile on him already. Of course, I never imagined a guardian would show any sign of weakness such as fatigue, but I wasn’t really in any position to question him.

“You may leave us for now Rena” the guardian said unexpectedly “’Farrah’ and I have things to discuss.”

“Yes master” was Rena’s only reply to him as she left the room with the same swiftness that she used to enter it. I was shocked to see that someone so blunt was so obedient.

And again, before I could take in anything, Kouen the guardian spoke again, “I did not expect your dreams to take you here so soon young Deru…..well compared to the Deru you have seen here already, you’re not exactly ‘young’ anymore.”

I looked up at him in amazement. How did he know I was Deru? What did he mean by ‘compared to the other Deru?’ So many questions immediately filled my head.

I quickly snap out of my confusion and return his words with a smile “How did you know who I was?” I ask him. “Rena thought I was an imposter at the mere sound of my name.”

Kouen looked down at me with that oh so special your-an-idiot look that I just love so much. “I’m a guardian remember Deru? It’s my job to know; especially since I’m the fire goddesses’ right hand.” He said with a darker tone than before.

At this moment all I can manage is a simple confused look on my face that says ‘hey look at me; I have no idea what’s going on!’ It’s a really good look for me.

Kouen notices my look and takes a deep, long sigh “Then it must be true, I feel so sorry for Yura then.”

My attention snaps immediately back to the conversation “Yura! You mean the woman holding the baby right? Why do you feel sorry for her?”

Again I get the idiot look from Kouen as he explains what’s happening. “Deru, your destiny is going to catch up to you soon; the fire goddess has transported you here using your dreams to tell you of your past.”

Now it’s my turn to give him the idiot look.

I smile at him caustically and reply to his statement. “I appreciate that, but I already know what my past is. My father got killed by the Americans for betraying them, and my mother disappeared while trying to save me. If it wasn’t for Kira I would be-“

“If it wasn’t for Kite you would be dead child.” Kouen replies cutting me off. “Your mother, Yura was trying to save you, from vampyres. ‘Kira’ was an assassin sent to kill you. It took her long, but she found you eventually; she was actually standing over your five year old body about to plunge a dagger into your throat when your mother tackled her and used all of her power to bring her down, but it wasn’t enough.”

Tears now filled his eyes as he continued with the story. “Then, with your mothers corpse lying motionless in the corner she moved over to you again, but before she could do it, someone stopped her. Kite, her watcher at the time, took the dagger out of her hand and picked you up. He knew your destiny at that moment, and still knows it today; it was a gift the goddesses’ bestowed upon him for saving you, they vowed that he would save you again, and that he would have a place amongst them forever.” “He told Kira that she had to take care of you now, you see, they loved each other in those days. Before Kira became a vampyre she was a vampyre slayer, and Kite was her watcher. He promised her he would never leave her, but when he rescued you, Kira’s heart was emptied of any love for him. She would’ve killed him, if he hadn’t at that moment handed you to her and walked away forever.” Kouen tears were replaced by his smile as he continued again with the story. “If only she had known what Kite knew at that moment, she probably would’ve killed you then after he walked away, but now you were all she had left. “You owe Kite your life Deru.”

I was too shocked for words. Did he mean ‘Kite’ as in the one I KNEW! That can’t be possible he would have to be over forty to be in love with Kira. But it would explain the way he looks at me, with pity and sorrow. My thoughts turned away from Kite and turned to Kira. All these years I thought she was the greatest person in the world, there has to be more to the story, but what could it be? She killed my parents, betrayed Kite, and tried to kill me! This was all too much to bear.

“How do you know this? If Yura is still alive than it must happen in the future” I try to say choking back tears. “And where is Kite now; er…in my time I mean.”

Kouen sighed once again when he replied to my question. “Deru, I was told this by the fire goddess but I didn’t think it was true. Until now.” “As for Kite, after he walked out on Kira, he met a little boy; the next slayer. Kite saved him from a fire and after that the two were inseparable; I think the little boy was six or so then. His name is Spike, and he’s the new slayer now.”

“But I know them now! How can that be possible, are they apart of my destiny?!”

“Most likely, I know for a fact Kite is, in one way or another, and I don’t know how much Spike is supposed to help you.”

My thoughts whirled around again as I tried to make sense of this. Eventually my confusion was drowned out with sorrow. “Because of me Kite has a horrible life, he could have been with the one he loved, but instead he just-“

Kouen cut me off once more “It was Kite’s decision; he will suffer a great deal more before his time is up and he knows that. He tries to hide from it sometimes but it haunts him every night. Now he merely accepts it as his fate, his curse, and the greatest decision he ever made.”

“But what’s the point of living if there’s so much suffering?” I reply “How can he go on knowing that he has a bad fate whatever it may be!”

Kouen walked down from the altar he was standing upon and hugs me with all his might. The tears I was choking back earlier fall down my face as he tries to comfort me. This guardian reminds me so much of Spike it’s not even funny.

“Deru, the point of living is to experience the happiness that comes after the suffering” he finally says. “We have all suffered through our life, even me and I’m a guardian.” His grip on me tightens as my mind slowly drifts to thoughts of Spike. “Your destiny will involve great suffering for you as well, and I wish I could be there to see it when you conquer you enemy.” His face slowly turns to another smile as he whispers in my ear. “We’ve sent Kite to protect you, and Spike to help you through this. They’ll help more than you think Deru. Just remember one thing.” My eyes slowly turn to his as he whispers the last part of his statement.

“It will be worth the happiness.”

Kouen then leans his heads toward mine and kisses me lightly on the cheek. My eyes widen and I walk away keeping my eyes attached to his. He smiles at me simply “Don’t worry, it’s not my place to fall in love with you, my duty is pointed only towards the fire goddess, I’m sorry about that by the way.”

“You remind me of someone” I reply. It’s true, this guy looks exactly like Spike (except for his eyes) and even acts like him in some ways. He’s starting to make me worried.

“Spike right? That’s another story that I don’t have time to tell. I’m sorry but the fire goddesses’ power is limited and you have to go now, we were lucky to get your entire past in before you had to leave.”

“Wait, why is it so important to know my past?” I reply.

“Because it will prepare you for the future” Kouen says with his godly tone. “Now that you know the truth it won’t distract you from what you have to do.”

“What is it that I have to do?”

Kouen smiles and comes closer to me again. “I told you before we don’t have enough time to explain, you’ll know soon enough.”

He then blows something in my face and I’m immediately pulled back into reality. The sound of Spike’s voice calling my name pushes me back into consciousness and eventually I find that I’m back in the room in which I had fallen asleep.

“Deru are you alright?!” Spike says with an obviously worried tone. I stand up and walk slowly towards him. As I’m standing about two inches away from him he replies to my movements by wrapping his arms around me in the same way that Kouen had did just a few moments ago. Tears fall down my face as they did before as I realize Spike’s eyes are looking right into mine. “You weren’t breathing and I got worried, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you cry like this” he said finally.

My arms now wrap around his body as he holds me tighter. “If anything, you’re helping me stop crying” I reply. My tears stop as I feel his forehead touch mine. How is this possible? I’ve never been drawn to someone as much as I am now. I was starting o freak myself out.

“Deru, I’ve only known you for a short time, but it feels like so much longer, like I’ve known you forever, just have never seen your face. And I promise, if you ever cry again, I’ll hold you, just like this, until you stop.”

Spike’s words make more sense to me than anything else in the world, it feels like I’ve known him forever to, but I can’t tell him yet. If only I could find out why I feel like I know him then I could tell him. But it’s just-

“Spike, whatever nasty game you’re playing with Deru will have to wait!” Kite’s voice says out of the blue, apparently he just walked in holding his famous bowl of Cheerios. “You have to come see this!” he says while pointing towards his lab. Spike sighs and mouths ‘I’m not forgetting this’ to me as he walks out signaling me to follow him. I try to keep from laughing as I hear Kite and Spike argue.

“We weren’t doing anything.”

“Exactly, you were supposed to be questioning her weren’t you?”

“Well yeah but-“

“But what?”

“Forget it, you win.”

“Thank you, but I’m still not letting you off the hook for this.”

“Don’t I feel special.”

“You should.”

“I hate you so much right now.”

“Oh go cry to your girlfriend about it.”

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Friday, March 18, 2005

   Chapter five

Sorry guys I know I said that this would be written a few days ago, but all of a sudden I got loaded with a nice BIG report so I didn’t have time to submit it.
I hope you’ll forgive me, and here is the chapter ^_^;

p.s. sorry about the length, I got way carried away and will explain everything in the next chapter


Awakening: Chapter Five******************************

I pace around the darkened room, waiting for Spike to enter the room and start asking me a million questions to which I would have a million not-answers.

……I knew he would do this

He wouldn’t ask me to stay in this stupid house for any other reason BUT to ask me questions.

He so knew that I didn’t know anything

But he just wanted to ask me them just to shamelessly taunt me

For the love of the guardians, gods, and watchers

I have only known Spike for what now: Three days?!

And already he was taunting me!

…….Stupid Slayers. They think they’re SOOOOOOO special. I swear when I get my hands on him…..

I shake my hands furiously when Spike comes in the room and immediately throw him my best death glare.

He winces at the fact that I know what he’s gonna do. Good he deserves it anyways so why should I not give him a death glare?

“You alright?” Spike asks with a sort of half superior tone to his voice.

“Let’s just get this over with” I reply darkly while trying to get myself in a comfortable standing position.

“As you wish” I hear Spike say in almost a whisper. Obviously he didn’t mean for me to hear that but I did anyway.

“For the first question all I need is you bio. Things like your age, race, you know that sort of thing” Spike says with a steel tone.

I try to sit down and put myself in a position that will keep me awake just in case. I haven’t slept in two days so far, and right now it was three in the morning, or somewhere close to it and I had to be sure I could always be awake for this.

“I’m eighte- nineteen” I correct myself “I was born in the old town of Teranim. My father was an American who rescued my mother from enslavement.” I wince. Talking about my parents and Teranim was always difficult, and I had a feeling I would be talking a lot more about them before the night was over.

Spike nods understandingly, he’s probably doesn’t understand, but the fact he’s trying to make me feel better is really cool even if it is just a simple nod.

“Why was your mother a slave?” Spike asks politely

“Because back before the massacre twenty years ago, there was a great war between my mother’s people and my father’s people” I reply

“Your mother was a guardian?” Spike asks in a surprised tone. I smirk at the fact that he’s so surprised at something that isn’t true even if he doesn’t know it.

“Nope, she was just a soldier for one. The flame guardian to be exact.” I reply with a superior tone. This was easier than I thought, and if even for a moment, I enjoyed it.

Spike takes a breath and tries to continue but thinks for a moment about his next question. I slowly drift off but shake myself in a desperate attempt to keep myself awake.

If only it wasn’t so warm in here this wouldn’t be happening, I would still be very awake and ready for the next question.

But sadly I’m not.

My thoughts of Spike’s questions leave me for a moment and suddenly I’m surrounded by darkness.

I swear to myself slowly and begin to take in my surroundings (and when I say ‘surroundings’ I mean the pitch blackness that I’m seeing)

I must’ve fallen asleep.

Why did I have to do that.

And now as punishment I was probably going to have another nightmare from the looks of it

…and whatever nightmare it was, this was going to be a bad one I can already feel it.

I plant my feet on what I’m pretty sure is ground (hard to tell when everything is so black) and wait for what is coming.

But before I can completely ready myself for the nightmare I find that it is too late. Everything starts to move out from beneath me and I slowly realize that I’m falling out of the darkness and straight into the sand covered ground. My left hand starts to burn furiously and I cry out in pain as a response. I hit the ground hard but still manage to stand up immediately and look at where I’m standing.

I realize I’m on a cliff covered in sand and before me are about a hundred guardians, soldiers, priest, archers, and farmers fighting against about a thousand or more soldiers. The ground their walking on is covered in bodies, arrows, burn and water marks, and of course blood. My eyes widen at the sight.

I’m in the middle of the Great War that happened twenty five years ago.

…I knew this would be a bad one
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Saturday, March 5, 2005

   Awakening: Chapter 4

Okay guys sorry this took so long but I'm so stressed ately so I hardly had enough tim eto rewrite this chapter as I wanted it but I hope you enjoy ^_^

Awakening: Chapter 4**************

I saw a hazy figure through my eyes which were barely open at the moment, I must've fallen asleep in Spike's bedroom or something.

I slowly opened my eyes fully avoiding whatever light that would possibly shine in them through the windows.

"Your awake, wow I wasn't expecting you to heal so fast" the figure said. I had forgotten all about it. Unfortunately, my vision was still trying to adjust to the light in the room so I wasn't sure if he was a threat or not.

So I did what I always do when I think there's a threat.

...I punched it

The figure immediately fell to the ground gasping in pain. My vision finally becomes clear and I can see that the figure that I just punched in the stomach was Spike.

Good, I was going to hit him for stabbing me anyway.

I was feeling very pleased with myself for punching Spike and was about to give the Think-about-that-before-you-do-something-that-could-harm-an-innocent-person-again speech when I noticed that Spike had several wounds in his ribs and stomach exactly where I punched him.

He must've gotten those while he was hunting vampyres today.

And now I was starting to feel sorry for hitting him, the little voice in my head was screaming at me now telling me that I should've never done that.

I hate that stupid voice.

I rush to Spike hoping I didn't hurt him to bad. I check all of his wounds that I can see through his ripped up shirt while having the stupidest worried look on my face that you can possibly imagine.

And this whole time the only thing he does is smile at me.....Why was he doing that?!

"You know I will live through this, it's not like one punch is going to kill me" Spike said with a weak smile

"No, but those wounds WILL kill you for sure if you don't get them bandaged" I reply looking up at his eyes. They were a green color like mine were. They were filled with happiness right now so I could tell that he was probably laughing at me in his head.

Stupid Slayers.....

"Well Kite's gone, so I can't exactly get them bandaged can I?" Spike says to me with a superior tone

"you really don't have any medical ability whatsoever do you?" I ask narrowing my eyes but still not taking them off his

Spike smiles again "Nope, I'm a slayer, s-l-a-y-e-r, not a medic; I was given almost every power when I took this job EXCEPT medicinal powers....sorry"

He stared into my eyes with the same smile on his face for at least ten minutes. Not like I wasn't staring at him either, but at least I wasn't SMILING

I finally break the silence "Fine them, I'll just bandage them for you"

Spike raises in eyebrow and gives me the famous you-don't-know-what-your-getting-into look. I hate that look everybody gives me it.

After a few seconds of awkward silence Spike finally gives up and takes off his shirt revealing even more fresh wounds on his back. He looks at again

"Are you sure you know how to help this" Spike asks

"Well enough so that you won't pass out in five minutes" I reply

Spike starts to walk towards his bedroom door. "Fine then at least let's get to-" Spike says before falling to the ground in pain.

"I think you were going to say we should go to Kite's room, but I don't think you'll make it that far yet" I reply while looking down at him laying on the ground.

I run to Kite's room to get supplies (by the way his room is EXTREMLY messy so I was surprised to find the stuff let alone find his room. this entire house is like a maze but Spike pointed me in the right direction after watching me search for Kite's room for five minutes)

I run back to Spike and kneel down beside him, resting my head on his chest I immediately start to stitch up his wounds

I ignore the occasional "Ow" coming from Spike for about five minutes until he says something actually worth listening to

"Thank you"

The minute he said that I look up at his eyes and realize that he has put his hand on my head and is running his fingers through my dark, brown hair. I try to focus on stitching up his wounds that are closer to his neck after that because I realize that they were bleeding even more than the ones in his stomach.

But even as I'm probably hurting him badly with the needle he still never takes his eyes off me.

It's getting painfully obvious that he's somewhat glad that he stabbed me. And the worst part is:

..I think I am to

Except for the whole almost bleeding to death thing it was nice to meet two new people who knew about vampyres and didn't want to kill me. I know now that if it wasn't for Spike and Kite I would've died there (even though I almost died because of Spike) so I guess I should thank him.

"I'm sorry that I punched you" I say in a lowered voice.

so it wasn't exactly a thank you but still

"It's okay, your doing a great job bandaging everything so I guess it works out fine, I got a person to heal me and all it took was surviving through a blow to the stomach" Spike replies with a strange tone

I sit there smiling for a few minutes when all of a sudden Kite comes busting into Spike's room and I realize the awkward position me and Spike are in.

Look at it this way. How would you feel if you came home and saw your best friend with a girl kneeling over him extremely close to his head, while he has his shirt off and is running his fingers through a girl's hair that just yesterday he tried to kill.

...IT probably wasn't a good sight

"What the..." Kite says with a shocked look on his face "never mind I don't want to know" he says while walking off into the hallway yelling "I knew this would happen"

Spike immediately gets up (apparently I'm not the only one who just realized our position) and apologizes for everything

"Is it really that bad to get Kite to say that" I ask

Spike looks down "yes, because he will never let it go until I say that he's right" he says while smacking his head "Hey listen if you don't mind will you stay here another night, I want to ask you a few questions later"

Spike runs out of the room ignoring his wounds which are still bleeding and immediately starts yelling at Kite for assuming anything.

I sit there and start to crack up when I hear Kite singing "You want to kiss her, hug her and loooove her, da da da daaa da"

I look out Spike's door and see Spike chasing Kite through the house yelling at him even louder for repeating that song.

This is going to be a loooong day
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Monday, February 21, 2005

   Awakening: Chapter Three

Okay guys its back in its original view (Deru's) alright? Sorry I just didn't want to have any confusion between character perspectives

***Chapter 3*********************

A beam of light shining on my face woke me up the next morning. It was way too early to be waking up but for some reason I felt like I had been sleeping for more than the whole night.

Then it occurred to me......

I wasn't in my house.

This wasn't my room.

And that....was bad

I tried to remember what happened last night but it was no use. I couldn't remember anything that happened, how I got here, who I was with. I sigh knowing that Laura will have my head for not coming home to take that stupid job.

I sat up, got out of bed, and attempted to stretch my arms. Only to drop to the ground in pain clutching my shoulder; I look towards it trying to figure out why it hurt so much.

It was bandaged.

....I didn't do that

Suddenly memories of last night ran through my brain, me getting stabbed, going to a nightclub....and that guy.

Who was that guy?

I walk slowly down the hallway hoping not to run into any dead ends. Eventually I walk into a room of what looks like a kitchen.

And sitting at the counter is a man...in his boxers and a t-shirt....eating.....Cheerios.

That is really weird

The good thing was it wasn't the guy who had stabbed me so there wasn't any of that lovely awkward silence that I hate.

The bad news was...

I had no idea who he was

"Your awake, awesome" the guy says with a smile on his face. This guy was starting to freak me out more than he already was.

"Um yeah, I'm sorry but who are you?" I ask as politely as one can ask another when they don't know who they are. He looked up at me (before he was looking at his Cheerios)

"Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself" he stands up and walks over to me "My name's Kite, I'm the one that bandaged your arm after Spike stabbed you, honestly I have to say it was pretty hard, you kept on moving" which was exactly the thing I wanted to know (sarcasm is great isn't it?)

"Okay then thank you I think" I reply while sitting down

Kite walks away for a minute then comes back fully dressed. I really didn't notice he was gone; I was more interested in Spike (apparently that was the name of the guy who attacked me). For example, why wasn't he here?

"You okay?" Kite asks me with a concerned look on his eyes. I snapped out of what I was thinking of and quickly start to examine Kite (I never really got a good look at him before)

He looked about twenty three or so, he had dark blonde hair with bangs that went just past his eyebrows. His eyes were more of a deep blue...I looked into them for a moment. They were full of sadness, and fear. I think this guy knew something that I didn't know, and that really bothers me

"Yeah I'm fine thanks for asking" I say half-heartedly. I had only met this guy for ten minutes and already I had about a million questions to ask him

Kite walks to the fridge getting out some drinks, he makes a gesture towards me apparently asking if I wanted one but I said no.

Kite sighs "He didn't tell you his name did he?"

Wow, I guess I was so into the questions I wanted to ask that I forgot that Spike hadn't even told me his name.

This was okay, even though he knew mine I don’t even think he thinks that’s my name considering I wasn’t a vampyre

"No he didn't, but that’s okay" I reply with a smile "I was more concerned about staying alive at the moment so it didn't really matter anyway" my smile turns into a frown. Kite's looking at me like I've done something to him, something really bad.

Honestly it feels like he's trying to make me set myself on fire with the death glare that he's giving to me.

His eyes move slowly down from my eyes, to my left hand. It was burning for some reason. I didn't care though, I always felt a pain in that hand for some reason, especially at night when I was asleep.

"So your Deru Ikau right?" Kite finally breaks the silence and looks back toward my eyes

"er yeah, how did you know that" I ask in response

"Spike talked about you before he left, said that you were some vampyre that he had to hunt down" Kite scratches his forehead, causing his hair to get from messy, to worse "You can imagine my shock when he brought you in asking me to stitch up a wound that he caused"

"Yeah well there was nothing I could do I'm sorry, but anyway, why isn't he...I mean Spike here" I ask

"He's a Vampyre slayer, so he's doing his job and going out to the graveyards and making sure that those bloody vampyres don't get out again" Kite replies. Wait a minute

Spike was a vampyre slayer?!

"You mean-"

"Yep, you know once in every generation a slayer is born to protect our world from the demons and blah, blah" Kite says with a flat tone

"Wow I didn't know that" I say in amazement. I have never seen a slayer, but normally they're female.

Actually they're always female

"Then that would make him the first" I say before getting interrupted

"The first ever male vampyre slayer to walk this earth" Kite says, he knew a lot about this kinda thing

We both pause for a moment, Kite never being able to take his eyes off my left hand (which was seriously starting to freak me out) and me, staring at his messy blonde hair, I liked it for some reason, it reminded me of someone I met a long time ago but I can't remember who it was....

"Listen, Spike's not gonna be back for awhile, and you probably need to get some sleep so you can just take his room for now okay?" Kite asks, once more breaking the silence

I look at his eyes once more, he was trying not to look at me for some reason, he knew something for sure and as much as I wanted to figure it out, I couldn't unless I knew him better. So defeated, I walk toward where Kite said Spike's room was. I was tired, but I just had so many questions that I could tell he didn't want to answer.

I lie down on Spike's bed and massage my shoulder carefully...

I still can't believe he stabbed me
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Saturday, February 19, 2005

   Awakening:Chapter two

I looked upon the vampyre's nest watching them dance covered in blood in disgust. But even if they were filthy blood suckers and I hated them I'm pretty sure that guy who was about to find me doesn't like them either and would be happy to kill them all in a flash.

And I couldn't let that happen.

So I guess it was up to me to get them out of there......

Did I mention that I am sooooo dead?

I walk past all of them easily, making my way towards the stage so that I could get everyone's attention, unfortunately once I got up on stage nobody even noticed I was there.

This would be harder then I thought.

I look up and see a fire alarm, hoping that it worked I grab a well placed liter that was inside my jacket, lift it up towards the alarm and ignite the flame. I hope this works

Water immediately starts to pour down on all the vampyres. They all at once turn to the stage, each one giving me that oh so lovely I'm-gonna-slowly-kill-you look. I wince

"What do you want little girl?" a vampyre says to me in a very evil tone

"Look in a few minutes there is going to be a battle in here and you all need to get out now!" I reply, secretly I wanted every vampyre in that room dead, unfortunately I do have a soft side (even though it hardly shows) and it's the one that won't kill anyone.

"And what if we don't?" the vampyre hisses. I reply to his action by pulling out a pistol and shooting a bullet in his left arm

"You die" I say as the vampyre falls to the ground clutching his shoulder. I really hoped that bluff worked. If it didn't I was screwed, not only because I would let people....well vampyres die but I myself would probably die as well; because they would distract me while I was fighting the guy that was in the process of chasing me and was probably going to bust in the door any moment now.

Yeah I already knew the guy was strong enough to kill me and everyone else in here, anyone who had been given that machine had to be the best.

The vampyres all look up at me after helping their wounded friend. They knew what was going to happen; I could see it in their eyes. In a few moments every vampyre in that nest ran towards a different exit. And somehow every one of them made it out, they were lucky.

I wait for the guy who had been hunting me to come in the door, man he was taking a while.

"Miss Deru Ikau" I hear a voice call from one of the nest' entrances. I look towards the figure expecting some sort of evil looking vampyre. You can imagine my shock when I see a human standing in back of me, holding that blasted machine

"Yeah that’s me" I reply raising my hand preparing to fight

"So you’re the vampyre I've been hunting for all this time" the man says "I'm sorry but I'll have to kill you now" who did this guy think he is? I am certainly not a vampyre! But then again, he called me by my name, how is that possible?

"No I'm sorry because I'm not a vampyre" I reply

"YOU LIAR!" the guy shouts at me while trying to attack me with a stake; I think this guy is nuts.....or he thinks I've done something really bad and is just calling me a vampyre because they are the only ones who would do the bad thing he thinks I did.

Whatever the reason this guy wasn't going to stop until he killed me, or at least proved I was a vampyre and then kill me.

I dodge his attack; I don't want to hurt him, so for now I'll just try to avoid his attacks

Easier said than done

This guy was just as powerful as I thought he would be, every attack was getting harder to dodge and he actually managed to hit me a few times. I was done for, I couldn't keep this up forever. I needed to talk to him; try to tell him that this was a mistake and hopefully come out of it alive. he lunges at me once more, I try to dodge it but it's to late

I've been stabbed straight through the shoulder.

And am now pinned up against the wall watching my blood ooze down my arm slowly as I begin to bleed to death.

I look up at the man shocked that he stabbed me; this is the first time I've gotten a good look at him.

He looks as old as I am!!

"Your bleeding" he says in shock "but that means your not a-"

"Vampyre" I interrupt him "no I'm not are you okay with that?" I say weakly, I probably shouldn't be insulting the one person who is close enough that he could save my life. but then again he did stab me through the arm"

My vision begins to become blurry because of the loss of blood. I really didn't want to die like this, not even knowing the name of my killer (which was rude of him not to give) not even at the age of twenty...this sucks

I look up at the last person I would see before I die, he's still in shock that I'm not a vampyre and so he isn't moving much right now but I look into his eyes and they're staring directly into mine, his eyes were comforting telling me that everything was going to be okay; I knew it wouldn't but still the feeling is great to have

I slowly start to black out, never taking my eyes off his.

And then he smiles at me.

He actually has the nerve to smile at the person he killed!

"Don’t worry I won't let you die" he says picking me up in his arms, I have no idea where he is bringing me and I really shouldn't trust him, but hey I have no choice right?

"I. can’t" I attempt to say thank you to him, but now I'm feeling more pain than before which was really weird. Now the pain was all over and it hurt like no other. I gasp hoping that he would know that I was in incredible pain and that he should just leave me to die here

but he just kept carrying me. With that same look on his face, I like that look

I then black out


I stare down at the woman bleeding to death in my arms. Never had I thought that this would happen. "I can't allow her to die" I repeat to myself over and over

Normally, if another human had been hurt by me and was going to die I wouldn't have cared. But now as I can feel her body going cold, I think back on how evil I can be sometimes.

Some vampyre slayer.

What good is it to protect the human race from vampyres when you don't care if they die or not?

Well that was all going to stop today. Apparently it was this woman’s lucky day...or should I say girl, she looks as old as I am

I finally get to my house. My best friend Kite lived there as my roommate. He has stuck with me ever since I first became a slayer, for the gods sake he was the one who taught me how to fight and BE a slayer. He was my appointed watcher, and if anyone could cure this girl, it was him.

I rush inside my house and onto Kite's room; the girl is fading faster than I thought. I lay her down on Kite's medical bed located in the center of his room. He noticed that I came in, but was busy doing something so he didn't bother to turn around.

"So how was the whole 'hunt for the vampyre' thing go?" Kite said in an irritated tone of voice. He was mad at me because I used someone else's device to hunt down a vampyre instead of one of his inventions

He said I was making a mistake

He said someone was going to get hurt

And you know what the worst part is?

..He was right

"Kite I need help over here" I say, ignoring what he said before, despite the fact that he was right, does not mean I want to tell him that

"Are you that beaten' up? For the love of the gods Spike it's one bloody vamp..y..re" he says while turning around to see what the damage was. You can imagine his shock when he saw a passed out girl on his medical bed

"It's not for me" I reply to the still in shock Kite "I made a mistake and she'll die if we don't help her"

"..Spike" Kite says, good one word, at least we were getting somewhere

"Please Kite!" I ask in an urgent tone

"You owe me for this" he replies with a smirk on his face

"I do man I do" I say while smiling "thanks"

"Oh don't thank me" Kite says "thank the look on her face for talking me into doing this" he smirks while ripping off the girl's sleeve

"What do ya mean by that?" I reply

"You’ve got that stupid I-want-to-kiss-the-girl-cause-she's-hot-but-I'm-afraid-my-friend'll-notice" he says

"...I'll kill you" I reply with a darkish frown

"Then who would make your weapons and repair the passed out girls?" he replies "who I ask you? Is it Santa? Cause tell him I want my toaster back!"

My best friend is nuts
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