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Thursday, July 19, 2007

~*~*~Hey ~*~*~
Hey, this is me CherryBerry4. This is my first entry! Yea! My cousin helped me with this, cause i know i would never be albe to do this. '-'U heh. OK, know just what to put..um.. well, a few days ago my stepbro. saw me writing this story on the computer, so when i went upstairs to get something to eat. And when i came back down i saw "THE END" writen on the page. So i go up to my stepbro. and ask him. He says yes. I shake my head and take it off and shut it down. The next day i go on to add more to the story, but when i got on and read the last part of it i got kinda mad cause i didn't write what was writen on the page. So after i got and and went into his room, he just looked at me like i was crazy, there was silence in the room for i while until i said "And then she throw her out the window?" He laughed... He just laughed at me saying that he wrote that yesterday before writing THE END after it. I just stood there feeling completely dense for not seeing that night so i just laughed with him. It was really funny but VERY dense/stupid of me too. '-'U I felt soo embrassed, but i got over it. lol. So...that is all i can think of for this, heh. I really am bad at stuff like this. But hey, at least it was good enough and i tried...right??
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