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Hay Im little foot well thats what thats what my friends call me *looks down in shame* I look like a 6th grader and the bad part is that Im going in to 10th x.x o well I gess ill get over it. Please sign my gestbook and Ill add you if you as a friend if you sine thanks for viseting ^-^.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

  Hay there. Midterms are sadly not over T_T Monday was a snow day ^^Yeah it was great Zack (brother), Dylan (moms boyfriends son), and Me make a jump on our hill and it was so much fun. We made a chane by holding on to each other in our tubes and then we went off the jump and went like 2 feet in the air it was great. Untill we hit the ground. Zack was in the frount and ended up at the bottom of the hill, Dylen did a face plant in the snow and I landed on top of him Hahaha it was so funny this happen a cupple of times in different ways and we started joking around that Dylen was gunna get another concution because he keped landing face first in the snow it was funny ^^. So then on Tusday every one was confused because it was suposed to be the first day of exams butit ended up being a normal day of school which confused the world out half the school including most of the teachers and guidens offens it was kind of funny when my friend sarah told them that it was a full day and they didnt lisen we found out because of the bus drivers. My exams were okay I honestly think that I faild my English exam Geometry I think I did really well on. My Biolegy exam isnt untill monday, I test really bad and its probble my worst class T_T o well Bye Bye.
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

  Hi there sorry I havent been on latly. Last weekend I had a sleep over at my friends house it was a lot of fun I past out aroun like 4 after having 3 cans of Moxie (its a type of soda and pritty good not too many people like it thought I wounder why). So the tissu box project is what im supposed to be doing now...it was due thursday but i got to stay home so i could finish it...it didnt work out to well o well I have to wright like one senten o well. I also have to study my head off because I have midterms next week T_T I dont test well. I think ill do fine in Geometry but Biology is going to be a nightmare T_T. Midterms start tusday, tusday-thursday are half days and friday is a quorder day which isn't so bad o well. So the other day I got a new book called the glass house and it's about VAMPIERS ^^(Yes I am obsested with them and I dont care ^^)
okay i have questions today ^^
1.Have you ever hurd or read Twilight?
2.If so then whats your favoret part?
Bye Bye

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

  Hay people I surived my first 3 days back at school and it was pritty good. In choures we have this big peice of music called Broadway bash (i think or something close)and its like 35 page the good party is that there are like 12 words on each page which is batter than most of the music I have to practice. In Wester Civi i was a singed some wierd tissue box project its really weird. On thursday it started to snow during school nothing unusual and we only got like 3" but I got out of school 15 min ealy it was great my sister did to (shes in elementry school) but my brother did't it was pritty funny hee hee. Things have been pritty boring other than that. k bye bye
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Hi there sorry I havent been on latly Im really bisy in December. CHRISMAS YES ^^ My family gets so into chrismas you would think that we all have OCD hee hee we proable do. Im sitting at the computer and scrooge is on I LOVE CHRISMAS ^^ So Dec 1 I had a winter festable at my school were the choures had to sing out in the cold while the people bought chrismas trees it was so cold and we got the frist snow that day luckly consert choures only had to sing about 5-6 song and we sold out of chrismas trees before noon which is really good because we made around $5000 for our trip in march were going to New York City to sing in the ST. Patrickis Chatherdral(sorry not sure how to spell any of that). Then Ive been trying to move into my owne room YES ^^ im so happy I just moved into it and havent had a chance to put anything away. In school its been merder all my techers have been stuffing all the last minet tests and quizes XP. Then last week on satday I had to go to a chrismas party for my step moms relitves it was ok I got to see one of my favorit cousons which was good so I was'et left with my siblings and 4 other step cousens that I did'nt know. I know I did something important on sunday but I cant remeber it. The other day in Geometery class it was so funny. My class was playing jepordy I was plased on a random team with 2 boys and they wonted to win so they keeped pushing the button befor they read the question so befor the teacher left the room we had about -500 point. Its was'nt that bad im mean the other 2 teams had between 3 and 5 thounds points. Then when the teacher came back the frist thing he said was "what the heck happend"(or something like that) my team had -9900 pionts while the other teams had between 7 and 18 thound poits it was bad of corse but he stared laffing his intern and he both stared to pick on us but it didnt matter untill the game woulden't let us play the final round then it was really bad ha ha ha it was so bad. Well Ill be around for a little bit bye bye.
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

   Hay there
Hay so today is my moms birthday but im at my dads house so im going to cealabirate it tomarow. We just got her preasent today which is kind of sad. But tomarow will be good I made her card with water color of a random beach. o well. Bye Bye.
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