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Thursday, June 16, 2005


But I'm leaving MyOtaku. :'( Not really as forever, I'll be on once in a while. I'll anwser PM's too. I'll visit your sites and all when I have the chance. Thanks for being my friends! If you ever want to see what's happening at my site or with me I'm an PM (or e-mail) away. Also, you can check out my blog at my site and please comment! Use your MyO name and URL so I know who it is. Okay, well that's all. See y'all sometime later.

Peace out,

~Cherri | Sprinkle Starr

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars!!!! Weeee!!

Yay! Star Wars is out! ^o^ I saw it last night! It was good, except that Anakin turned (obvious, but I couldn't help but feel bad). Anakin is such a traitor!! >:( He's evil, I tell you, EVIL!!! No really, he was evil. He killed all these Jedi and Jedi younglings!!! *cries* And then he helped kill Mace Winu! Hello, you don't kill Mace Windu! That like, agains the Jedi Code of Honor!

lol I'm sounding really fangirly.

Continuing, Anakin turned to the Dark Side to save Padme from dying in child birth But in the process, killed her himself. Evil, I tell you! Then Padme had Luke and Leia. Twins! =D

Okay, that's all for today. lol

~Cherri | Sprinkle Starr

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Do you ever get that feeling?

That sinking feeling when you can't do anything and you feel so bad. I kinda feel like that today. I was reading Unspoken Memories' post for today and her grandmother has cancer. ._. So does mine! And she won't even do the surgery! It's because her second husband doesn't want her to. >:( Ugh, I hate him! I know I shouldn't but I can't help it! See, here's how it went.

My grandma married a young man, he's like 20-30 years old, and she's like 50 or so. I always wondered why he married her when she was so old. My mom told me it was because he like older women. Tch, yeah right! >:( Well, see my grandmother is a citizen of the US, and he husband at that time was living in Laos (it's pronounced Laows, not Lay-ose,). The only way to become a US citizen was to marry one. So choose her even though he doesn't love her. Now she's living with a man who doesn't love her and wants her to die. Evil, isn't it? I am so worried something might happen to her! I don't want her to die! (She's my mother's mom) I like her better than my father's mom(my dad's mom is mean sometimes)!

Please pray for my family! Please? Pray that my mom's mom will do the surgery and that her husband will love her. And also for my father's parents who aren't Christians. Prayer is powerful, so please pray! Thanks! =D Love you all! And I'm praying for you guys too. That's all. Bye.

~Cherri | Sprinkle Starr

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