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Thursday, July 26, 2007

   Cosplay did you say?
I've been thinking for awhile about cosplayin. Only thing is I can't seem to find the right anime person to cosplay as. Grrr. The only animes I like are Inuaysha, Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Samurai Champloo. I wanna cosplay as Tifa buuut I'm not sure i can pull it off. Also another one i wanna cosplay as Chun-li. AND if I do cosplay the only place I'll be showin my costume off is at home
8( Where I live not many Anime Cons are around. If they are its soo damn far that I dont have the money to get there :P I wish I could just make my mind up.

Sorry soo much about not keeping my MyO profile up to date. Just haven't been spending much time here.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

   Question: Did Inuyasha Come To Tts Ending Already?
Okay, so what the hell is up? I read in a magazin that had said,Inuyasha had stopped airing here in America!!! When did this crap happen? See last time I watched Inuyasha was when Sango was mad at Miroku for some chick he had met years before.... The chick was supposedly "de-flowered" by the monk. She was supposed to be married to a lake demon because he had helped cure her life threatning illness. Now anywho, by then I remember hearing that they had one more jewl shard left but it wasn't in that realm. I would have watched the show more but I didn't have Tv so I missed a shlit load of anime that had ever aired in, America. So did Inuyasha the anime come to an ending? Please someone help me out!
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Sunday, October 29, 2006

   Yeah... Its just lonely old C-X.......
Ah, so whats up people? Yeah, I've been lonely so I decided to give MyO a try again.. I was SO close to dumping my page. Eeh... Something told me not to. OH, yeah I seen a really bad ass anime movie called, "Kara:The Prophecy," It was hella crazy but hella cool and intresting. I tried to get my homie to sit down and watch it but, she refused. Hella family drama going on know what I mean? I've been dropping terribly in school.... Might have to go to a "continuation" which is bullsh!t.Well, I'm going to just go ahead and leave.


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