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Hi watz up? ^_^ My name is Capri! If ur visiting my site ur probably dying of boredom or had nothing better to do with ur life..hehe^_^ But if that's untrue, then by all means visit anyway ^_^ I put my heart and soul into this website *tears*...actually my friend did...hehe ^_^"

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I have a boyyyfuhriend.
His name is Nathan.

Actually this is her friend Wendy.
Other place to fnd me =]
Because you'll love me ♥

But yeah.
I fsdjfaskldfjsdfHACKED her site since she hasn't been on in fsdkjfskldfjsdlifjiewofjdsklfjs years.
Ohshit those were letters =O

But she does. It's amazing. And it's fabulous.
I wanted to tell everyone for her.
Love is in the Valentine's Day air.
It's beautiful =`)

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Its been soo long since i've updated! Sorry. Well anywayz, here was my day.

Augie made Kaija cry before homeroom bcause he said "Happy Birthday!..........Austin" 2day was her bday and Austin is her twin brother. She's really sensitive.
Again Augie got into it with a 6th grader and beat the poor kid 2 death. Me and Logan bet he'd get suspended 10 days bcause i think the fight was bad.

We had a math quiz 2day. I didn't finish but i think i'm doin pretty well. I aced my vocab test.

We got our report cards 2day and 2day marks the first time i've EVER gotten a C on my report card. It was in math. As and Bs in everything else.

Well that wuz my day. Latur!

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

I'm bored. I wish it was Friday so i could go 2 the dance. I had so much fun! It was bangin'! There were a couple lame songs here or there,*the crazy frog and the six flags song*, but there were a lot of good ones. Overall, 25% bad and 75% good. I hung out with my friends in 8th grade. They thought i was in 8th anywasy. But now i'll tell u about the set-up. The first thing u see when u walk in are these two giant overhead like screens. They were showing the videos 2 all the songs! Except the inaprprite ones like "Lean Wit' It, Rock Wit' It". And of course they had the flashing lights. O and and Mike and Drew ansked me 2 go out with Davis 4 the night, but i said no. Dammit, i should have said yes. And Mike even tried 2 juke, it was so funny 2 watch. So 2 the 18 losers in my class who didn't go, KL and Irvin, i say, ha!

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