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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 04/07/06:

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)

You are the Spirit of Sadness. Deep pain and sorrow lie within you, betrayal, jealousy and rejection rule your life. You cannot make friends as you are too scared at the prospect of being hurt again and you can't take that risk. You wish more than anything to have a steady person there who loves you unconditionally but you are too scared to find them.
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Result Posted on 03/22/06:
sorry this was on my site but i'll put it back on later!!!!

Sasuke luvs ya! Wow your Lucky cus hes Hot! You
tend not to talk to allot of people but you
will to your closest friends. But you will
give it your all when coming up to they boy
you like and Sasuke knows that. You can some
times get loud and not meen to but you do and
if Sasuke sees you he will probably smile cus
hes never seen you act so outloud and u will
turn like 5 different shades of red! You dont
talk about yourself you like to listen more.
and when things get bad you are the best for

What Naruto boy likes you!? (PICS) 9 results
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Result Posted on 03/14/06:
yay!! i luv sasuke!!!!!!

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What Naruto Guy is For You?
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:

-->You are fog. It is very hard to tell what you
are like at first. But if some one did get to
know you, you would be a very cleaver, secret
and silent person.

What whether are you?(Now with anime pics)
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:
i'm taking alot of quizzess!!!

Snow. You are a sweet and quiet girl, and you
aren't close to many people. But the only
ones that know the real you are the ones that
you chose to open up to.

.: Where was your heart born from? :.
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:
gosh i've been taking alot of elemnet and personality quizzes lately!!!

Water angel!
You are a Water angel!! You luv to live in/close to
the sea! You like when things are peaceful!
You are usaully quiet...me too haha!

What kind of elemental angel are you?*anime pics*
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:
i'm not that cold! lol i talk to ppl but i don't exactly tlk 2 ppl i don't know

You are Winter!
You're winter! You are kind of distant and cold, a
loner who dislikes social situations. Your
grades are high and your a very smart person.
You just need to loosen up and let people get
to know you more! Not everyone's as evil as
they seem.

Which season are you? (anime pics)
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:
i don't luv swimming all the time but i do enjoy it !

Water Goddess
You are the Goddess of Water. You love the water,
you love everything about water. You can
swim for hours and still have fun. Your
friends even call you a fish.

What type of Goddess are you? (anime pics, for girls)
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:
i guess i'm alittle shy...

YOU ARE: Shy.....cute, sweet, and quiet, how much
more perfect could you get?

Whats your personality like?
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Result Posted on 03/11/06:
i guess u could say that i'm shy... but not so shy that i don't talk to any1!!

Shy. You are obviously not a very open person, and
not very friendly. I don't say that you
openly resent people or that you're mean or
anything, just that you prefer your own
company to that of others and that even if
you want others, you just don't quite have
the courage to ask. Your special power is the
power of thought. You are a deep person, and
if you think things through, will get far in

What kind of person are you? (for girls)
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