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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/05/06:

Your a smart cutie!!!!! Congrats!!! Your cute,
sweet, smart, and down to Earth, some of the
best qualities. Your not all that interested
in boys but..... books. You always get
straight A's, you can never be found in a
club, but the library, but your cute and
smart and thats why guys like you.

(GREAT pics!!!! Girls only!!) Are you a wide-eyed manga babe? Or a normal, intelligent, cutie?
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Result Posted on 03/05/06:

You are fairly innocent.You are not too innocent
and you are not too dark.....this is pretty
much a perfect rsult^^

How innocent are you?(ANIME PIX!)
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Result Posted on 03/05/06:

Your element is Water. You are a peaceful, shy, and serene person. You are
antisocial, but inside lies a warm and caring
heart. Among your friends, you are the peacemaker.

What element suits you best? (anime pics, 6 results)
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Result Posted on 03/05/06:

angel of the night
angel of the night--> Your the thinker in your little group, you love the
moon and the world after the sun sets, your
represented by the owl, a night time stalker,
and your color is dark blue. You stay mainly
emotionless, not cold but not all that
friendly either thats what makes your friends
difficult to deal with.

What are you the angel of?? (beautiful anime pics)
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Result Posted on 03/04/06:

A dream... you are sensitive, shy, and can become
attached to others when they get to know you.
Perhaps you should try making new friends, or
joining a club. After all, you can't live
life alone.

~ What Location Represents You? (cool pics)~
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Result Posted on 03/04/06:

You will be an author or poet. You spend most of your time thinking up characters
and situations that sometimes you get caught
up in them. Come back to the real world once
in a while to jot your ideas down. We have the next JKRowling! Please rate and message

What is your calling in life? With manga pictures!!!
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Result Posted on 03/04/06:

Magical Being
Magical Being

.:: What's Your Anime Personalitiy? ::.
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Result Posted on 03/04/06:

You are the Angel of Lonliness.
Good Traits: You are another one of God's beautiful creatures.
You hold dear to you all that you have
because you feel if you let them leave, you
have no one else to hold onto. You do have a
wonderful family, whether or not they may be
divorced, because the family you have is able
to suffer that same feeling of lonliness with
you. The reason for that is because you lost
your best friend, be it your actual best
friend, a pet, or a family member. Either
way, you do try hard to love what you still
have, though it may not be enough, because
you are one of the most depressed people you
or anyone else knows, ever since that fateful
Bad Traits:
Though you do appreciate what you have, you are
always finding yourself alone and away from
family. You're not quite sure why, but even
though they are going through everything you
are, you feel they will never understand YOUR
emotions. You believe there is now a
permenant brick wall between you and everyone
else that was once so close to you. All you
want back is what you lost, but knowing that
this can never be, you tend to isolate
yourself more than you really want to.
If you get this as a result and find that what is
written is really true, or that you just want
someone to talk with, feel free to write to
me. In this particular, I totally understand.
Your Best Friend is Most Likely:
The Angel of Fun

- What is Your Inner Angel -
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Result Posted on 03/04/06:
hey i'm not always deppressed.. onlysometimes!!

Your feeling is depressed... You always seem to be depressed and cry easily. You
are a bit (ok, more than a bit) over
emotional and are too sensitive. You rarely
smile, and when you do, it's very weak...
your eyes always seem to be misty and though
others have tried to console you of your
sorrow in the past, no one can seem to get
through to you that there's more to life than
being sad. No no one seems to hang around you
anymore which makes you feel worse, and you
feel as you're loved by no one except maybe
your family. People might see you as the
"girl who doesn't talk to anyone",
and you may be sort of a loner, but that
doesn't mean you want to be. What hurts you
is people being mean and even though you
might not get it that often, since you're so
sensitive it still makes you deal with pain.
You're not a leader and are usually the
person who stands alone, does what she's
supposed to do and nothing else.

What are you feeling inside? ~With Anime Pics and 8 Results~ -*-For Girls Only-*-
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Result Posted on 03/04/06:
i know i already have a picture like this and the same resultlike thing but i still like it

You are in a sensitive and truthful relationship.
You guys like to talk to each other about
what you're going to do or what you want to
do, and make sure the other one will still be
there to support you. But maybe you should
quit only talking and go out and do something
fun together!

What kind of relationship are you in the world of Anime (Anime Pics and Music)
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