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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Hello to all my wonderful peeps out there.

It's been a long time since I last posted here. How is everyone, keeping out of trouble I hope.

Today's my birthday YAY! I'm now 18, a legal adult. I'll give a brief summary of what I been up to over the past months, college work mainly trying to keep up with stuff, got exams in the next few weeks so I've been doing a bit of revision for that (there going to fun). Been going to a few gigs lately to see bands like Oceansize, Pure Reason Revolution (you probably haven't heard of them but they are amazing) there are other things I've been up to but I don't want to bore you to much so I'll leave it there.

Something I can tell you about is, in the time between going to gigs, college work and other things I've made a website. It's a much needed updated version of an old, old, old website I made a long time ago. Also because I'm trying to become a graphic/web designer I can use it as an example of what I can do, killing to birds with one stone (not literally that's just mean) but yea go check it out and let me know what you think. Me site. It's kind of lacking in the media section cos it's not working for some reason but I'll sort it out and there's probably a lot of here and there places I can improve.

That's about it really got a family meal later to celebrate my bday and probably go out with a few mates tomorrow.

Catch ya later

P.S Have people heard the new Muse single ‘supermassive black hole' its kick ass!

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