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hello, welcome to my site! Um, i love fma, (best anime ever) and i like most anime in general, especially *eyes widen* anything with angels demons magic and what not, which thankfully there is a lot of. hmmm, what else to put, i dont know, how about this awesome anime music video, with, (guess) fma!!!

be warned this video is very graphic


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

   in lack of anything to say
i think ill jsut apologize for not being on a lot. in case anybody thought i was dead. sorry to dissapoint. but im alive.. well barely ^_~ stupid.. rabid.. bunneh...

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

School hsa started.. summer has ended.. and all of the world is gong to hell due to loiterers. thats right. all you loiterers! we're going to hell all because of you!!! but seriously, going back to school was kinda exciting i mean, you get to see all your friends again and.. well.. thats about it actually. i have one class i actually have to think in, the others i kinda doze out of and sleep in cuz, i enjoy free time *stares into other ppls eyes* you know who you are *sigh* overachievers *rolls eyes* they are weird except this one *glomps redtigress* shes weird.. but not weird ^^ get it? anyway.. i just wanted to bore ppl and if your bored. guess what? I WIN!!! *dances* and if your not.... *punches in the face* your stupid go away how dare you be entertained by me! LOOK A DISTRACTION!!! *ninja poof*
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

   hee hee here it is!!

tell me whatcha think!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

   "its a game im glad im in it cuz theres more fun every minute!"
i spent all night last night up because i simply could not sleep if my life depended on it, and guess what? my life certainly depended on it, so im dead. d-e-d dead. anyway hows everybody? good? i thought so! im tired... kinda but i made a music video!! ill post it as soon as youtube gets up because they are under construction as we (or I) speak (or type) XP but thassabout it.. umm... what else to... *falls asleep on keyboard* LOOK A DISTRACTION!!!! *ninja poofs*
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