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Saturday, May 6, 2006

a Scrumdiliumcious Update.
Hey there all! this is the second time I've typed this post because myo has been being *insert curse words* I'm sure you've all experianced what a wonderful pain it can be. *fake grin* ^___^''

So hows everybody doing!? : D well I hope, not a whole lot going on in my life right now, just trying to get in shape, jogging a mile and half every day, although I'm not to the point where I can jog it without stopping for a breather yet. : / owell, I just started 5 days ago, it takes time like everything. ^_^

and also in the news, My new and improved website is up, with the uber simple domain name. : D now you guys dont have to remember it. xP It took me months of staring at codes I had NO idea the meaning of to get it to finally work right. : P

So, Click!If you are so wisely intervened.

Furthermore, IM GRADUATING IN TWO WEEKS!!! :D YAY!! well..more like two and half. but finally! all these years! XO I cant waittt to get out of it and get on with my flipping life, its really going to be a wonderful thing..finally get on the road to my dreams and goals and what not. : )

well, thats about all I have fer ya, Hope you all have a wonderful week/weekend/whatever it is when you read this! : ) smile when ya can. ^_^ its good for the soul.

Take it easy everyone!

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