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Saturday, September 3, 2005

exiting morning~!
yay! i had an interestin mornin! ^___^ i got up, (duh lol) and looked out the window to see that our dog had escaped! so its up to me to run it down! so i took off down the road in my sleeping clothes (aka nities or pajamas lol!) and of course, when i approach the dog, she's not about to let me grab'er without a fight, so she takes off as well >> so there i am sprinting through the road like an idiot, scaring the neighbors XD then she started to go INTO other pples yards and stuff, this is were it gets interestin! theres this crazy old women with a guinie (wierd bird, looks like a turkey kinda) up the block. ne ways, she's like uber overprotective of her guinie, so she was less than pleased when rosie (the dog) took a snap at it X3, although i found it quite entertaining lols....she started yellin "GET DERN DOG AWAY U BETR GIT on OUTA HERE! GIT GIT GIT!" then rosie started chasing it...i was trying to hold back laughing, while attempting to grab the dogs collar. i finally got a hold of it tho, and brought her back home. thats how my mornin went...how wus ur mornin? hope u all enjoy ur long weekend! =D

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