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Hey people. Mah Name is Cerra and It's pronounced KARA. ^^ Anyways, I'm a lot like shuichi/inuyasha BUT most of the time I'm like my role play character WILLIS. Who's like Daisuke(D.N. Angel)/Sora(KH). But anyways, add me as a friend, sign my bg, pm mee, whatever! XD

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Friday, June 3, 2005

   Goodbye my Otaku friends
Well everyone... I just don't have anymore time for my otaku. I'm going to call it quits. You can e-mail me anytime you want at my new e-mail address:


See yea everyone...

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Friday, May 6, 2005

Well, things are going really well. I got 90% on a math test recently and it's teh highest mark in teh class. I'm soo proud of myself and shit about my marks. ^^

I found out a couple days ago some pretty desturbing news.
1. One of my really good friends got raped by a guy that she's been hanging out with. She doesn't want to tell her parents or anything and I said I would. But she is extrememly sneaking and shit. I already tried but I couldn't get a hold of them.
2. She also has breast cancer. Her step dad knows about it and even HE wont tell her own birth mother.
3. Some of my really good friends are going out later tonight to get high and shit, yet their the one's who "hate ppl who do drugs and alcohol".

Yet on the better side, it's been 1 month and 2 weeks since Justin and I have been going out. I'm so happy that I have someone like him as a boyfriend. I laugh at the fact that he's afraid to try anything with my because he thinks that he might go too far and I'll hate him lots. But i'm not like that. He's my perfect boyfriend. My Sk8er knight. I could go on about him. How he's just so god damn sexy and hot yet sweet and kind and loving.
Michelle thinks that he'd fuck me tho. She's got this REALLY strong feeling that he really does want to. I just laughed. I know it's on his mind, cause I mean, come on. He's a horny male! No affence to any other guy friend out there. I know some chicks are horny too. But anyways, I really want to know how much it's on his mind and how much he's ever thought about it. I kinda freeze up over teh subject cause well... I really do love him. I want to tell the world how much he means to me... and well... I don't know if I do or don't want to "do it" (to put it in other terms). Yet like, I would only do so if like, it was our 3rd-5th year into our relation ship. I would be 17-19.
On to other relationship things tho, I'm really glad that he keeps asking if it's ok what he's doing right now. How far we plan to go, and asking if he's going to fast for me. He's being really considerate in our relationship. To me, he's kinda like my character "Cloud" (u know him well, don't you Rin ;) ), except for the fact that he's not as romantic. Maybe that's because I'm kinda an "expensive date" lol. BUt speaking about being romantic...

Theres this one guy that I know of, Nick. He lives in the states but he has this HUGE crush on me. He told me himself. He's in a band and he's writing a song about me and omg it is WAAAY too sweet. this is what was going on (starting from teh bottom up):

I write the songs for my band, i have to know poetry. btw, there's a song about you on our upcoming alblum. here's a taste:

my heart's beating fast as I dial
this anxiety is frightining
will she like what she hears?
will i break down in tears?

A voice so smooth comes from the reciver
Who never knew the word 'Hey' could sound so enchanting

Cerra-chan said the following:

awww. thnx. tis sweet, since when do you read poetry? lol

OkamiGraph said the following:

nothing to laugh about, its true. Not in my best dreams did i envisin you vocie to sound so harmonius

Cerra-chan said the following:

lmao, no way.

OkamiGraph said the following:

just as I thought, the voice of a goddess...

This was after he called me. He's too funny. I feel kinda bad that I'm kinda flirting with him and he's flirting with me a bit but I'm going out with Justing and yea...

BUT OMG!I JUST found out now that my Cousin Trista's Getting Married! I love her. She's so amazing. She's on her way to becomeing a Director. In fact, she's been offered a job and she's graduating.

Well, I'm gunna go now, I've still got lots of homework to do and shit. :p I post as soon as new stuff comes around.

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Omg... I found out that the tickets for my play cost $8!!! I mean, wholy crap! We sure are on wellfair. But anyways, it's really great. I got to see a poster that was made for us, and it looks really good. :D
Things with Justin are really great! ^^ we're a month and a week into our relationship (5 weeks) and I couldn't be happier. I mean, he's the best. I love him sooo much it's nuts. :p
In english we've started to read A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakspeare! and omg omg I LOVE it. It's a beautiful piece. Shear genius, creativity, compasion. I kinda wish that guys would do romantic things like that. lol, but I only wish...
Anyways, g2g and catch some sleep! need it for the big day ahead.

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