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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm falling
Drowning in my own tears
Darkness surrounds me
Has been surrounding me
For as long as I can remember
Sitting in a cold room
A dank, cold, metallic room
Locked in my mind
I shout, get me out!
Out of this self made prison
Help me!
Yet no one listens closely
And though I scream on the inside
I smile on the outside
And no one's the wiser
Can't you see?
I'm banging on the walls
The walls of my cold room
Scratching the smooth grey surface
Trying to claw my way out
Why will no one hear my shouts?
I cry out, 'please!'
But to them I just smile and act accordingly
This self made hell
Was once a sanctuary
I used to run to it
Welcoming its coolness
Its dankness
Run away from reality to my sanctuary
Now it's my grave
And I don't know how to get out
Someone please help me!
I'm falling
Drowning in my own tears
Locked in the metal room
The square box in my mind
I scream till my voice went hoarse
I scream till I could scream no more
I no longer expect salvation
I no longer think I want it
I am the one who created my prison
So I'm on my own to break free
I don't know why I had to call out
There is no point to rely on others
Before I can rely on myself
I'm no longer screaming
I'm no longer crying
I need to get out of here by myself
I don't need anyone
But someone did come
And helped me get back onto my feet
Just when I no longer tried
Salvation came
He helped me find the door
Helped me remember
How to feel that other than despair
How to see that other than darkness
And though I finally had been willing
To find the way out myself
I needed him to guide me
Lest I fall back into my prison
A cold grey prison
One that I had fashioned for myself
I am no longer screaming
I am no longer falling
I am no longer drowning
And though I cry, tears coursing down my face
It's no longer the cry of the desperate

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hiya ^^
whats up? how was everyone's weekend??
my weekend went ok. it was pretty boring though. uhh.. i really dont know anything to say right now. i feel really tired for some reason. lol
hmmmm.. well, i guess i'll ttyl then.
hope everyone has a nice day

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