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Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm at home right now. ALL ALONE. I love it this way. the house is all quiet and there's no one here to bother me. I'm sick too. Sort of. So I get to do whatever I want ALL DAY!! *eyes become bloodshot and goes ballistic* O.o So anyway, Olive (Thats the evil nickname I made for Silver Sky, because her real name means 'Olive tree' ) Took my GameboySP with her to volleyball! ahhh! oh well, It's not like I live off the confounded thing's energy rays, like SOME people *motions towards siblings* I know!! Whatever. Back to being So very, Very ALONE.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'm at my grandparents house once again. I just changed my colors and really, I find them pretty abysmal, but I don't have the patience to do anything about it right now.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Yes! Ultimate Lordship over my mother has been achived this night! Liv was going to spend the night at my grandparents tonight, (the ones with DIGITAL CABLE). And my mom was about to say that I could'nt when... MWAHAHA! I concocted a devious, kiniving plan that would forever claim submission forever! okay, you know what? forget that, it was a crappy plan.(But hey, whatever works) I asked my mom if I could in front of my grandma! and if my mom knows what's best for her she'll never say no in front of my grandma because then she'll launch into this huge "OHHHHH! Let her spend the night! It's just FINE!!" Rant. So now I get to spend the whole night watching anime! HAHAHA!! That's the whole reason I wanted to sleep over! Not to sound mean or anything, but my gp are like, THE workaholics! So pretty much the only reason I come over is to watch t.v. heeheehee...


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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hello. I'm at my grandparents house right now. It's Holloween! (hope we don't run in to any cronies) So, anyway, I've pondered what I want to be for weeks. Finally, I've come to a decision.
I'm just going to grab a bunch of stuff from our costume tub. And if anyone summons up the courage to ask what I am, I'll just say "you don't want to know". Good huh? I'm REALLY bored right now. My cousins Cam and Hannah just left. Hannah gave me a grotesque makeover too. I officially have a phobia of makeup now. She put my Grandmas BROWN blush ALL over my face and then painted "L" all over my face for "Loser" and put blue and green eyeshadow all over my face. I looked like the creature of the deep. (not that I Don't already).
I finally got it all off after scrubbing with a bath spongie for about a year. Happy Head Chopping!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I wrote this in my archives because I'm not exactly ready for Jade or anyone else to confront me on this just yet. Anyways, I just got back from my winter camp-out. It was good. I'm just feeling down right now because I feel like I don't have any friends. All my friends seem so superficial and critical of others. Like, we can't have any conversations without one of them saying something like "he is SO ugly!" or "she NEEDS a makeover!!" and I feel like they're just absorbed in they're own little school lives and don't care about anything outside of it. And me and Jade have known each other since kindegarten and are practically sisters. we do everything together. But her and her friends all keep this journal at school and I was sitting next to her friend and looking at it and she's like "Hey! you can't read that!" I feel really bad because I feel like she's keeping something from me. We always used to tell each other eveything. Who am I fooling? I can't compete with her school friends.... And when we were younger and her mom had recently gotten a divorce we invited them over to our house EVERY WEEK after church. They NEVER invite our whole family over to eat. instead, they invite over this other couple that is appearantly 'cooler' than my parents. my mom has cried because she feels like they are rejecting her and they don't like her. And Jade is always going on and on about how tightly and immodestly her friends dress and says " See if i care if they dress like that. Don't say I didn't warn them when they get raped" Well she dresses SO revealing! you can see down her shirts when she's standing up strait and wears her pants really low and her shirts very tight. Does she even care? At her school the girls who dress like that have really bad reps. They get called whores and sluts and prostitutes. Does her mom even care about her? She actually lets her go out of the house like that? I don't want to sound like her mom, but I'm just worried about her is all. And jade about that journal thing, It's okay. I already know what it feels like to be rejected. It happens to me all the time....
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