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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

   I'm still here !

I haven't posted anything in a very long time..kinda sad...so i thought that i would let everyone know that i'm still here ! and i'm still drawing ! ( i just posted a new pic actually, so please check it out and leave some comments !) and i'm really gunna try to get on here more often !
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

   So Awesome

Yeah so right now im listenin to TBS's new cd, Louder Now..and omg its so awesome..i cant wait till i can buy it i've missed em bad

but yeh i also got some new shoes..some chucks that i designed myself ! ahh theyre so hot.. half pink, half black and they say marbar on the sides <333

other than that not much has really been goin on..i went up to my moms for easter..and had fun..got to see britter and krissy n it was her bday so we went bowlin..i dont really remember who won but i know it wasnt me played pool too..but me and britter lost the first time..then i lost the second time..and the third game..i really dont remember ..but yeah it was the weirdest thing.. on the way up to get britter to go bowlin adn the moon was bein real weird..it was like bright orange..and there was this huge chunk missin from the bottom right..so of course me and krissy freaked out..cause nothin was in front of it..like no trees or anything like that..so i stopped the car and we watched it..and the damn thing..w/e it was..moved from the bottom right, to the bottom left then gradually disappeared ! we were like..holy shit..i dunno what it was or if anybody else saw it..but it was REALLY weird...and by the time we got up to ch'ville..the moon was much smaller and almost its usual pale white color..odd.....must've been the alieums... then krissy was freakin out this light that was goin off in my backseat..turned out to just be the light in my trunk from the brake lights..dork heh

but i think its time for me to get off of here..gunna head back home and paint some i think wish i could bring the TBS with me tho..


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