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Sunday, January 14, 2007

   Must burn educational system!

The title seems crazy, but what's crazier is my school!

I was told that my grade 11 level of math, mixed, could be used for grade 12 calculus only for next semester because the curriculum changed. Then, when I sign up for calc in night school, tell me why the counciller says that it's not possible? She then tells me I need to take a transfer course, then I can take calc in summer school... This is the stupidest thing that I ever heard! I ain't risking that! I already applied to my schools and programs! If I tell the schools that I'm taking clac in summer school, that doesn't mean that they'd have a place for me still! So, I had to change my programs to geography from geology! Stupid cows messed up my academic plan! I'm now applying for:

*Geography @ two schools
*Global Studies
*Comparative Literature & Culture
*International Studies

My sister goes to UWO, which is the school I want to go to. She says in first year you could take whatever classes and all I need to do is to just get in.

I basically didn't need to take gr 11 math again (I took gr 11 college before.) AND I really didn't need to take biology or any of the sciences too! But, I decided to still take chemistry next semester and I'm going to night school for geography.

Meh, I guess I should go do my hwk now.

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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!
I never posted in so long. I've been really busy with school. My marks are horrible. I'm getting a 76 in writer's craft, 65 in biology, and now a 55 in math because I rose 12% from the last math test. I need an overall 80% average to get into the university I want to go to :(

So, my New Years resolutions are:
*Study hard to get better marks
*Not to get any library fines(I made this one last year and I got up to 6 months :D)
*Finish up my stories that I started to write

I'm probably going to break the last two. But, it's all good.

Anyways, Merry Happy Newyear and Happy Belated Merry Christmas and etc...

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