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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hiys fokes!
Hey guys... sorry for not being on much...heh its my falt. One-i keep forgetting about it. Two- I got myself in trouble -oopsy-

WEll enough of that......
How have been? .....uh hu...Really? lol

Oh and if ya haven't noticed i changed up my site again! ~^.^~ -is proud of self-

Hmmm Well time for me to tell you about my life....
let see yeasterday i went to the school stadium and had a blast! The was a machanical Bull ((that was fun >.< i fell off it every time i got on!)) An ALOT of blow up jumping things.....
Oh but there was a down side to it... One i broke my friends hat ((lol it was pulled out of my hand! not like i wasn't going to give it back to him....*walks away with random iteam that i found*)) anywho another down side was that i lost my good friend Miles's watch. I mean i took it from him the day before and forgot to give it back, and while i was at the thng it fell off. OMG i was in a panic! Its his FAV WATCH!!!! He's gonna kill me monday..... ((in other words if i don't get on for a while im dead...-lol- ))

WEll thats all the funn stuff going on at the moment! Oh yeah bafore i forget Spirt week was last week at my school and we got to dress up for diff things each day. So I'll post the pics later!

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