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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ah! it's been forever since i wrote here...and A LOT has changed on this site...like it being split..dunno if i'll ever get the hang of it..but then again i'm not on as much anymore..T^T

Well here's a short update between previous post to now:

well after my cellio was raped along w/my camera...i had to serve inschool for it...gay if u ask me..but to the school it didnt matter...

I got all my classes in order and passed all of them..thus successfully allowing me to graduate as a high honor student!...even tho my ACT score sucked ass...so now i'm a High School Graduate..w/no job so far...i've applied but all say that i have to have some work experience..but how can i get it if they dont hire me?...ironic no?...basicly bullshit my friend..they are too lazy to train ppl for those jobs now...

Another ironic thing is that before i graduated i kept saying that i'd never return to my school...well for this month i've found my self constantly going to the school to paint my english teacher's classroom. for me so long it's art (drawing/painting ect) then i'm going xD. his room is turning out to be awesome!

Tomorrow i have my College orientation to go to...hopefully i'll get things in order there as well...wish me luck pplz!

well that's about it...oh yeah i got my hair cut...drasticly....it use to be shoulder-blade length..but now it's above my shoulders.barely touching my neck...emo cut i call it xD and then i just got it highlighted red...so life is good xD

ok..that's all of it..all the good stuff anyways...there's been some shit that's annoying but..it's too annoying to mention xD.

Peace out.

"I stand alone, everything that I believe in is fading."


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