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Thursday, January 17, 2008

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~^~[ POST ]~^~
today has been boring and exciting at the same time...~puts glasses on to see screen lol~ ok now that i can see..i'll post lol

Today is the first day that we have gotten out of school for snow..and it only snowed for like an inch...still it's something i suppose since it's not snowed THAT much in quite some time.

Other than that i'm facing the dilema *sp?* of who i'm taking to prom...yeah tons of problem there..i might just say screw it all and go by my self and spend it w/my friend shadow geting drunk at her b-day party after prom. or just find someone closer to go with.

Having someone like you is soo complicated if u ask me and i dont like to be complicated...simplicity is quite fine w/me but no life doesnt like it that way, besides simplicity can be boring at times....but eh..we try...lol

well that's about all i want 2 rant about today.

Have a great day!


"I stand alone, everything that I believe in is fading."


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