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Monday, January 7, 2008

Time of Post: 2:25 PM
State of Mind: Running into wall of endless pain...a.k.a. Homework...

I'm sorry I have been away from The Otaku for some time. I plan on updating more if possible. With this being my last year of High School it has been hectic considering all the colleges i have to look at, thus i have been busy...and annoyed. lol

)^.^(: Present Time :)^.^(
Right now i'm in my newspaper class updating the O. lol the day has been fun. There was a lot of dirty minded talk..and such. The norm around here. lol Today is the first day of the second semester and already i have tons of work to do, i dont think i'll do it all. lol But i will try my best.

For the most part i've been on this one site that has scanlations on it and it has been my fave site since. I rarely find myself not on it. lol It certainly has been fun...now i must "try" to concentrate on the future...meaning college..but i'm trying..it's just soo x.X...confusing lol.

well i best be off pondering what work to do first and then get absorbed on my manga site. ^^ if u want to know the site pm me and i'll tell you. ^^ Hope everyone has a good day!


"I stand alone, everything that I believe in is fading."


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