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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time of Post: 1:35 PM
State of Mind: o.O where is ky-chan?

hello! I think that it's about time that I start typing out my fanfic Hidden Truth...for quite some time Iíve been saying that I have 3 to 4 new chapters to post..and Iíve not typed it out yet...and I think it should be time that I actually type it out now...before life gets hectic w/trying to find a good college to go to gets in the way. I feel like Iím asking for a miracle..but Iíll try my best. If not then I may never get my story done and that would be sad for me and for that fact that I canít even get a story written down in my life. lol

Aside from that Iím gonna try to post more and hopefully comment cuz I cant just expect ppl to comment if I donít comment back. so Iíll try ^^

it would seem that life is kinda going back to normal...with me having headaches again....but dunno...maybe it's just stress..pfft...lol could be never know.

lately Iíve been reading mangas online now that I found this link that has scans of several mangas. so Iím good and content right now with my manga fetish...lol tho I wish I had faster internet to watch anime as well...

oh yeah shadowtiger69 or a.k.a. ky-chan have been planning on going to this anime convention in our state...we were excited about it since it is our first...but luck was not with us and turns out that the convention is being postponed...now that puts us in a negative situation...cuz we were planning on writing about the convention for the school's newspaper..but the paper comes out before the date of the convention....now that it has be postponed it means we canít even write about till the next newspaper comes out which will probably be in November...T.T...I just hope that we get to attend the convention at all.

gah! I must start preparing for my ACT test on the 26....maybe that is what keeps me stressed....>.< I suck at life...I can only make a 20 on my calculus practice....I want a freaking 27 or more...but I donít wanna work that hard..but I need to...I just hope that I can get motivated enough to reach that goal...Iíll at least be taking the ACT 3 times....x.X...I should at least get a 27 somewhere around the three tests xD

well I think that is all I have to rant about today...lol I hope everyone has a good day ^^


"I stand alone, everything that I believe in is fading."


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