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Hey, my name is Unmei. I am a college student, French Major and Japanese Minor. I like to draw a lot, used ot be fanart, but now just create original characters. I like learning about other cultures and practice Shotokan Karate. I would like to become an interpret one day.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   My travel Life is over
So... once again, is been about a year since I been here... what have I done since the last time I wrote? Well... I went to study abroad! Seriously! I was living in France for about 6 months. Took a bunch of classes that pretty much killed my decaying brain. Yeah, I'm a French Major, but being suddenly placed in a country where the only thing they speak is french.... its pretty damn hard to adapt. I managed somehow. For Spring break I went to Italy for 2 weeks.It was awesome, I would rather go back to Italy than to France, the people are so much nicer. Tho I didnt Understand most of what they were saying.
Then I went to Mexico for about three months. Went to CAncun for a Week in June and to Acapulco for a week in July. I stayed in a very small town for most my stay there, very calm, desperately calm. I ended up taking Tae Kwon Do clases and getting a job to kill time. But it was all very relaxing.
Now I'm back in school and once again drowining in my jobs and clases, which I dont think are going too bad. I think I'm doing better than in other semesters. I hope I can keep it up. Fall break is coming and my fridge is empty.... its time to go home and re-stock!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

After "resting" for a good four days at home for Thanksgiving, I come back to school for my last two weeks of class. Things get even more stressing, every proffesor trying to force as much material as they can into our slowly decaying brains... There's only so much info our brain can take per day! They are trying to kill me with stress here! I feel like I should just throw everything out the window and forget it...
I dont get sleep at home, I dont get sleep in school... I honestly am surprised I am still properly functioning.
But it is very weird... after break, I though school would get exciting and busy with fun end of the semester activities, but everything seems boring and ever more stressing. I dont feel like doing anything, and if it wasnt because I morally blieve I have to attend class, I would very much like to ditch and just sleep all day and all night....
Ah! BTW... since The Christmas season has started, I put up som drawings I made last year for cards... will consider of putting up all of them

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

   Heh.... Wow....
I am honestly going to say that I have had forgotten of this place.... The way my life is goin at the moment.... I rarely have any time to go on the internet and just surf around.... Basically what is happening to me is that I got into college.... And I work two jobs to keep up with my tuition payments.... I'm taking a bunch of classes that like to consume my almost non-existing free time. I rarely have time to draw anymore! and any anime I watch is only what I see at anime club! (Me's the president). I have no idea what shows are being aired on tv! I feel so dissconected from the world.....
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Thursday, November 25, 2004

   Happy Thanksgiving!!!
First of, Happy Thnksgiving to all! Although it seems that since after Halloween everyone skipped right into christmas. No kidding! everywhe I see is christmas. even the weather! It was snowing yesterday! Anyways...

I just came by here cuz I got a little chance to take a break from school. It's killing me! Too much work! Plus, Ii have to get my college applications. -_- I'm such a procrastinator.

Oh yeah! My friend, Vanessa, she's the queen of procrastination, she had my yearbook to sign for over a month! But she finnaly gave it back and it had the mos wonderful pic ever! There is Krad, Dark, Inuyasha, and Toboe. Ot's very cute! I got her permission to post it as a fanart here, I'll upload it later.

Also, with my free time, I went and counted how many pictures I have in my computer, here it is:
Inuyasha: 356, Other Anime: 48, YuYuHakusho: 40, wolf's Rain: 21, Witch Hunter Robin: 11, Trigun:36, Sailor Moon: 40, Ruroni Kenshin: 14, Saint Seiya: 5, Harry Potter Anime style: 15, .Hack//Sign: 5, Gundam wing: 33, FLCL: 11, FF IX 10, DNAngel: 52, Anime Fanart: 64

In total: 758 anime pics
Just something Random I wanted to post....

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

   I'm still Alive
Been quite a while since I posted here. I kinda sold my computer ans bought myself a newer one.
School is stressing. I thought senior year was supposed to be relaxing. But I made the mistake of taking advanced Placement courses in French, Art, and Calculus, plus and Honors Psychology and Trigonometry. The homework doesn't stop!!! It just keeps coming!
Anyways, like I said last time, over the summer I did a lot of anime sketches. I've posted some already. Some I have are in black and white, but I got issues with that, so I'm coloring them now, and them I'll post them.
I'llpost again as soon as possible!

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