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Green Day- Welcome to Paradise
It was to sudden
No time to say good bye,
Or even good night.

How was I to know,
You wouldn't make it through the night?

So many regrets,
So much life left unlived,
So many unsaid praises.

We thought we had forever
Or at least even another day,
But we were wrong.

An unknown illness,
Suddenly destroyed you.

An uncommon tradegy,
In the most unlikely of times.

But isn't that life?
So unpredictable...

In loving memory of my mom,
Catherine Ann Cooper
March 3, 1961-October 7, 2005

This is a picture of my mom and her boyfriend at her graduation, three months before she died. I miss her.

This is a picture of my mom and my eight year old brother.

If only I had known that in the morning my mom would be dead, I would have been a lot more caring toward her. Don't abuse that which is temporary, because you don't know what you have till it's gone. Family comes before friends and any material possesions. Please, don't complain about your parents, at least you still have yours. Make sure they know you love them.

And here's proof that the world isn't as cruel as you think it is:

This is a picture of my cousin, Peyton. He was born premature, and weighed less than three pounds. He's home, now, and will live life pefectly normal. Technology is amazing, its a miracle he's alive

Sunday, December 25, 2005

   Frohliche Weihnachten!
That's German for Merry Christmas, lol, out of everyting I say in German, that's prolly the one saying I'm speaking the most. On Christmas Eve, at church, we sang Silent Night [Stille Nacht] in German!!! I was sooooo excited, it's such a pretty song, and an even prettier song in German!

Well, being fair, I wish everybody a Happy Hanukkah, I don't know if we have any Jewish people here, but, my great-grandmother was Jewish, so I know I don't want to leave anybody out!

Yesterday, I got a Metalica CD, what I thought was their new one, turned out to just be their BEST one!! lol. Well, I was just poorly misinformed till I then got correctly informed ^^

Technically, today is X-Mas for me, but, its about 1:30 AM, so I really can't "brag" about any of the gifts that I got, being as i haven't opened them yet, because "Santa" hasn't come yet.

My Dad was trying to get me to bed earlier, so "Santa could come earlier", ha, it's funny trying to see adults get me to bed!

Anyways, I hope everybody's Christmas will be wonderful! Remember: It's not about the gifts, it's about spending time with your family ^^

Poll: Does anybody know what happens during Hanukkah? Are their 8 or 10 days of Hanukkah? It's sad that i don't know, because when I was 4 I remember celebrating Hanukkah with my great-grandmother, but, I don't remember anything besides the Star of David :/

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

   New Layout!!
Well, my site underwent a minor makeover, nothin drastic, just a different, cooler, b/g and I added 3 of my favorite pictures of my family. 2 being my mom, 1 being my baby cousin.

Well, nothing huge going on here. Tomorrow (Saturday), I have to babysit for the "pill-poppin" 6 year old boy. One of my step-mom's work assocaites found out I babysat, so she asked me about 3 weeks ago. I said yes thinking this kid was old enough and mature enough, all I had to do was just chilax. Well, apparently, appearences can be decieving, cuz, within 2 hours of babysitting him, he tried to open the pill box to HIS MOTHERS HEART MEDICATION!!!!!!! So, I kept telling him no, and he started getting aggressive... So, I'm not looking foward to Saturday... lol

Well, I got a new b/f, named Anthony, he's in my German class. He's really nice and we have a lot in common. <3 lol. Well, he's grounded now, but after Winter Break, we'll be officially "dating" instead of "going steady" lol.

So, I guess that's it. Oh, and I'd really like to share my favorite pic of me to you guys. It's on my MySpace and Xanga. Hopefully it turns out, cuz i want to know what you think of me! :D

I only have one picture that i like, the others are okay, but not as good as this one. Well, if it doesn't work, I'll figure something out, but right now I'm pretty tired! I'll ttyl, have a great weekend!!

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

   Scoliosis: A GENETIC disorder....?
Well, today I went to the doctor to get my physical so that Monday, when I came back to school, I could join Centennial's soccer team. Like any normal physical, the doctor told me to lift up my shirt and bend over as much as I could. So, I did as told. immeadetly afterwards, he said, "She's got scoliosis," I turned around, "WHAT!?!?!" he replied, "Didn't anybody tell you?" omg, I was so damn shocked. Growing up in a small town with less than 1,000 people (Assumption, IL) I rarely could see a doctor unless I was deathly sick, because not only could we NOT afford a visit to the doc, but he was NEVER in because he was the ONLY doctor for at least 10 other small farming towns, hence, was never available at a time I could see him. Also, technically, this was my first physical, since the last time I played a school-sponsered sport was when I was 7 and didn't need a physical. (Hockey is NOT a school sponsered sport, thats why I was playing it last year w/o a physical)

Weird, scoliosis, is genetic, but I know for sure my mom didn't have it, because it would have shown in her medical records. My dad may have it, I'm not to sure... I'm just really scared and freaking out. Maybe if I had grown up in a better place, this scoliosis would have been treated sooner, and less severe. Well, he said my scoliosis is mild, only 8 degrees difference than a "normal" spine, he said if it was 30 degrees, then he'd worry, but, still, I worry because I NEVER KNEW I HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my friends on MyOtaku has scoliosis, so I'd really appreciate it if she could just tell me what's up. Cuz, I'm really worried, even though I prolly shouldn't.

Now I feel like some kind of freak. Jesus, that sounds so dramatic, don't it? Well, its scary having this ailment, I mean its just so weird, I never would have expected it, but, then again, a lot of things that happen to me are unexpected... When I'm in my 50's I think this scoliosis is prolly gonna limit my mobility... Oh, God, I'm so worried...

Well, on another tangent, I hope everybody had a good thanksgiving. I did also, except it was a lot smaller than last years was. Yea, and I missed my mom, my first holiday without her.

I'm at my grandma's house now because... Well, I really don't know why. I'm spending the night at her house, because we saw a play together, and since it was in Garland, TX, and my gma is an old woman, she decided to drive to downtown dallas *where she lives* instead of driving 30 more mins to the other side of Dallas *where I live*. We saw "The Lion in Winter" ehh... it was, okay, I guess. A little confusing, and just plain random, but the actors were great. So, it was better than sitting infornt of the computer *pretending* to unpack the boxes and arrange my room.

Well, I'll leave you guys, it's 12:30 AM here, so I'm gonna go to bed, it's been a long day, what with the scoliosis and what not. ttyl.

EDIT: Before i logged off, I researched scoliosis, here's something intheresting I got:

"Therefore, scoliosis screening is done in schools across America and several other countries. This screening is probably not necessary until the fifth grade. Beyond that point, boys and girls should be examined every 6 - 9 months. Generally, curvatures less than 30 degrees will not progress after the child is skeletally mature. Once this has been established, scoliosis screening and monitoring can usually be stopped. However, with greater curvatures, the curvature may progress at about 1 degree per year in adults. In this population, monitoring should be continued."

The school in Assumption, IL I went to *been there since 4th grade* NEVER EVER EVER had scoliosis tests!!! God, this pissed me off, because people like me could have found help sooner if the fucking school did the fucking tests!!! But, noooo!!! Our health and educations is NOT AS IMPORTANT as our presious corn and soy beans. Fuck Assumption!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

   Thanksgiving Break and Idenity Theift
Well, let's start the post out on a good note, shall we? Well, I'm off all this week becuz of "Fall break" aka Thanksgiving break. I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, I have to get a physical so I can keep playing soccer for my school. Also, I'm almost finished with my lil shrine to my mom.

But, sadly, one of my very good friends, SunfallE, has been a victim of idenity theift. No joke. If you wouldn't mind, please take a moment out of your time and send her a message or comment on her site. Cheer her up, she's been through a lot, and still going throught a lot, with this terrible ordeal. I really do not understand what would comple a person to bring another down so badly... The aftermath of idenity theift is not pretty. I've said this a lot, but assuming you claim bankrupty to stop this person from taking your idenity, your credit looks like shit, afterwards. Nobody will give you a loan after they see you've filed for bankrupty. Assuming this person gets caught, and stops, they still did a perment number on SunfallE's credit. I mean, it's so bad for her, people have BROKEN into her house and taken her possesions to pay for this debt that isn't hers. She has to live with her father because her house isn't hers anymore. A second of your time is the least you can give her.

Idenity theift discusts me, whatever happened to, "Love your neighbor as yourself,"!? Well, I wish her the best, and it's really terrible that it had to happen to her.

So, its 11 PM here, and, like I said, I have that physical tomorrow, everybody take care. Wow, I don't have school tomorrow, how weird?? ttyl

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   Wow, I'm really tired...
Well, today I have really great news, FOR ONCE. It was about time I got my big break, I'm tired of all of this bad news... Actually, I'm just plain tired. It's been a long day I have much to share!

Well, not only do we not have school next week *Thanksgiving break!*, but I had a good day at school today. (It's still Firday for me). Today in my German class, well, their's this guy, his name's Anthoy, and hes a really nice guy. We have a lot in common, and it all started one day when I wore my baggy Audioslave shirt to school.... lol, long story. Anyways, today we were talking, and we swapped numbers!! So, we're planning on doing something this weekend or before Thanksgiving! I really like Anthony, I mean, he's really nice and caring, and just what I'm looking for in a guy. So, I'm really looking foward to hanging out with him! Also, I got my outgoing friend, Evey, to talk to Anthony, and she told me that he defently likes me. So, for once, something worked out.

Also, my aunt (on my moms side), well I really didn't get along with her, but now we do. Anyways, her daughter (my cousion) whose 24, is getting married the 25th (Saturday after Thanksgiving). Speaking of cousions, my aunts (on my dads side) as I told you guys, she had her baby shower, and that turned out well. I was the only one who wasn't married and nobody there was under 20, lol, but it was still fun. Well, her son (my cousion), Payton, is a whopping 6 pounds ALREADY!!!! He gained 3 pounds like NOTHING! We are so proud of him, because of that, he might get realesed from the hospital SOONER!!! We are so happy! And it was nice to see my aunt smile for once.

I really wish my mom could be here to witness these events. She loved Payton, and I really wish she could have been at the baby shower with all of us. I'm finished packing, all I have left is putting posters up and stuff like that. I actually have a little corner in my room that has my mom's dipolma, her high school track group picture, and a little plaque, it says, "Be gentle with love, it is so very presious" its very symbolic to me, it was actually my late great grandmothers. So, I'm working on my "shrine" whatever and when it gets finished, I'll be really proud, so will mom.

Well, like I said, I'm really tired. So I hope to ttyl, take care.

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