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koi wa a la mode
konnichiwa i'm cat girl ichigo*Nyan*i have been drawing anime a little over a year i love j-pop like MMPPP,TMM and inuyasha and my most fav anime's are MMPPP and tokyo mew mew n inuyasha.

.:kitty girl:.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

   im back(kind of)
life has been pretty good now but it did suck about oh 3 months ago cause my friend (not any more) took the mama cat and kittens from me that i told you all about and took pics of and some people said they traped them in a coon cage and shot them and some people said they gave them to his coon dog and some people said they colud have take them to the pound *sniff* and if they did take them to the pound the mama cat got put down probibly *sniff*, and before we left our old apartment i tiwsted my ankle but it's gotten better (still a little sore when i go up and down stairs) but any way i have alot of new art to put up when we get our computer out of storage and my tv, anime mags, radio, dreamcast+sonic game and coming up soon my dad said i can get DDR and i get money for babysitting so i'm going to get the 50 doller pad well thats all that has went on, and my mom said i can get on the computer on weekends where she works so im so happy i colud tell all ya why i wasint able to get on, well ttyl.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

   nothen much
well not much is going on here other than the kittens foot was removed and its doing better the swelling went down and i will be taking pix of the kittens for sure there so kawaii oh and later today im going to see my best friend autumn i can't wait im going to show her the kittens she'll love um^^ and im going to upload some new art today two pictures of ichigo and the blue knight a picture of mini moon from sailor moon (witch came out nice for only pen) oh and i found my art stuff:D so now i can color pictures in but my scanner don't want to scan stuff like its ment to do and that reminds me does anyone know why my scanner would be scanning only part of my pictures so far its only with black and white ones but yeah if anyone could tell me why my scanner is doing that it would be thanked so much, well thats all for today well im going to bed, night.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

   i miss my cousin, kittens,and contest!!
i miss my cousin (JAG2000) so much the last time i seen her was on dec. 23 i think so yeah and we only saw each other for a day im hoping i get to see her soon so im kinda sad cause we live far away from each other, and i will be taking more pix of the kittens they have grown but the white one(witch is the bigest one) has some thing wrong with its left back paw me and my mom think its paw got brokein i fell so bad its paw is 2X smaller than the other paws on it so i will have to watch him/her more, and the people entering my contest or will try are:
sylvrkatk-try to enter
mewstar-not sure if she is
kokkoii-matoku-try to enter
xmewbluebearX-try to enter
aragorn1014-entering or try to enter
mew aria-try to enter,
well thats all ttyal.

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