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hello my name is buddy but online i go by the name cassus11 i am a doujin in training and have already created several characters.
i watch/have watched naruto,naruto shipuuden, bleach, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, ghost in the shell sac and 2nd gig, samurai champloo, innocent venus, this ugly yet beautiful world, ghost stories, rouroni kenshin, psalms of planets eureka 7,and blood+
so far my fav.are tied as follows naruto, ghost in the shell, eureka 7
am waiting for naruto to fall for ino but i also wouldn't mind hinata.
fav. char. hayate

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

   5 year old or super hottie warning *Spoilers Bleach*
while reading the bleach manga i came across a chapter where ichigo is fighting grimjoww to protect two girls one inoue orihimePhotobucket
and nel, a hollowPhotobucket. ichigo wins and some other espada kills grimjoww. this other espada attacks the severely weakened ichigo and nel transformsinto a super hot super powerful form
named neliel tu oderschwanknel tu odurschwankwe then find out she was the 3rd espada da da duuuuuuh ;p

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

   just another update
hey everybody i know it's been a while but it's nice to write again.since i last wrote alot of things have happened. ex.i finnaly figured out how to pass physics. i also recently figured out "when going to prom it's best to get a date " i can't believe i forgot. we have some tourneys coming up and i will be competing in a usta tourney in bryan i can't wait .
hope to type again soon c ya. ;p

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

andmore still to come
yes today i found another batch of drawing from my portfolio including pictures of full metal alchemist characters winry and edward and a very cute pic (not chibi) of hinata i hope to upload them soon see you on the net
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