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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

   Version Vibrant
Things i dont like about version vibrant:
1. ALOT of buttons are missing
2. The comments link lead you to a seperate page now, and the format is confusing.
3. All the shortcuts are gone.
4. The site backroom is missing functions.
5. They only have to filter options

Things i like about Version Vibrant:
1. They got better message/comment alerts

I miss the old version.

Also, I will be getting a scanner I think... I want to scan all the pictures i never got to. Now the back and white pictures wont have terrible lighting.

Peace out!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello everyone!
Well, i have not been adding that many pictures into my portfolio latley is because:
1. Im busy lately
2. My friend calls me alot .. everyday.
3. The biggest reason, my sakura micron pen broke. The nib split in half.
So, im gonna wait until later in Febuary when Dick Blick (the store i go to they are the best!) restock, so, you wont be seeing anything new until then.
Peace out!

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