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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A Flower Across The Sky

LOL. I forgot this website existed. 8D Its been a year and five months since my last update. I'm now eighteen years old and in college. I'm not sure why I have such shitty music on here, but I'm about to fix that up right now. I'm gonna change up my layout and such if I ever feel like it, but I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN. I'll be super surprised if anyone comments this. :'D It would appear as though almost everyone on my friends list has died.

After all this time, it depresses me to see that myotaku still hasn't updated in anyway what so ever. Its still super impossible to code your page how you want, and a lot of HTML still isn't accepted. Thank you, myO, for continuing to be just as stupidly gay and boring as you always were. : D

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