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Balamb garden, aahh the memories
Welcome to my site,

My name's Casandra and I live in The Netherlands which means I have to import allmost all my manga and it's a bugger to get hold of, but well worth the trouble^-^

Besides anime I'm interested in Wicca. Don't worry, I won't cast any nasty spells on you ;)and all those who think being a witch means you worship the devil, get a live. I don't even believe he excists.

please enjoy my site^-^
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

   I'm not dead yet....
So it's been forever since I last updated this page. My brother (edgewalker) just "rediscovered" his account so I figured I'd updated mine as well :P I'm not totally inactive though, most of the time I just upload a wallpaper and don't bother to post.

So it's been nearly a year since my last post...To make a long story short, school, my bf, the need to clear certain games, watch anime and read manga have been keeping me busy. I now have an internship at the Technical Univercity of Delft. Which is where I'm typing this. It's half past four local time and I have a headache. So I'm just gonna finish typing this (to fill in time) and then I'm going home :P

Anyway, have a look at my wallpapers! If I have some time I might actually make some new ones soon...

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, tomorrow it's the official opening of the webcomic site, that my one of my friends made. I've been working on this project too (I have been helping with the language)'. Please, please drop by and have a look.

I hope the comic will be done in time. Shinmay (who does the drawing) had a scanner breakdown... a while ago so. We're hoping it will all be done in time. Anyway here's the link guardianof dreams

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