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I'm a vampire as you are reading this I am currently eating your soul and draining you of all your blood supply. Have a Nice Day! Music keeps me sane.I can tell you a shit load of stuff about bands I listen to. have fun

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i haven't been on the O in ages!!! well here i am! how is everyone? i've been distracted by school work so much and we're in the process of moving. My family and I are living in Ireland for the rest of the summer! where i was born :3
it's nice to be back ^_^

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Name: Axel

Gender: male

Eyes: hazel

Hair:black with red tips

Height: idk...

Weight: i....d....k
shoe size: ummmm the thing that says my shoe size wore off XD

Skin: tan

Hobby:taking pictures, hanging out with my friends, reading, music

Grade: Junior

Reads: magazines....labels....cereal boxes...books


Watches:people, movies, tv

Moods: different?

IQ: panda bear? lol idk

NickNames: umm Axel-chan king of the ponies (dont ask)

Dreams: going somewhere in life

Pet Peev: labels suck

Funniest thing I've done: ummm I can't say. I dont wanna choose out of all the things I've done XDoh wait...I was listening to techno on my ipod in study hall and I got up in the table and started to dance and strip XD (I only took my shirt off)

Words that describe me: idk ask my friends

I tag:
Darkwold Demon
annie B

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Inside out
its eating my stomach inside out
with the radio waves from my brain
Can you find the other way out
because I dont think you can stand this pain
it creeps on out
seeping through my pores and mouth
to infect your inside soul
and eat you from the inside out

my friend Kakashi s made that up
just off the top of her head
she said she was hungry so her stomach was growling and it gave her the idea XD

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