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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Willow FMA story
Name English/Spanish: Willow
Romanji: Uirurobu
Kana: ヤナギ
Age: 15-16 in the series � 18 in the movie
Birthday: October.3.1899
Gender: Female
Height: 153 cm
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Black
Family: Ed, Al & Jouan (childhood friends and closest to brothers/sister), Trisha (like a mother to her and a very good friend), Hohenheim (creator / �father�), Solange (becomes close friend afterwards)
Place of birth: Resembool
Profession: State Alchemist
Title: Whisper of Death Alchemist
Homunculi: Vengeance
Flower: Vengeance Flower

Hohenheim, seeing that Trisha sometimes said that she didn�t feel well, decided to create a being who took care of Ed and Al, since he suspected that Trisha sooner or later would die, but did not mention it to anybody. He worked day and night to obtain the ingredients, to investigate with precaution, to verify things, etc. One night he found the solution to his problems: aside to the equivalence interchange and all that, a life for a life, he wanted to conclude his experiment, not with humans, but with nature. If it takes a life by another one, plants and animals are also living things, so for him everything had sense. It seemed to him that plants would be a better option than killing an animal. When Hohenheim left Resembool, aside of going away because he could no longer maintain the body in which he was, he left to finish his experiment far from Ed, Al and Trisha.

Hohenheim then decided to gather one of the three rarest flowers in that world: Vengeance Flower, that ONLY grows on the feet of snow-covered mountains.

Although the flower is strange, Hohenheim gathered 1000 of those flowers and he reunited them (with the ingredients) and created Willow. (That means he didn�t leave almost flowers, well, less of those than there were already). After he had created her, Hohenheim realized the ourobors that she had on her neck, although it was broken (unlinked) and black, the truth is that he did not pay much attention to it, only that he had been the first person that ever created a human out of a transmutaci�n.

After all that, he left her outside the door of Trisha�s house and afterwards he went away for ever� Since then Willow has been part of the Elric family, with the same age as Ed and the ourobors on her neck� although obviously they didn�t know anything of that in that time. Soon they forgot all about it, since a black bow �grew� one night around Willow�s neck, since that is the seal that prevents her from becoming Vengeance and before Middle Willow (see portfolio) she didn�t need it at all, since the �inner homonculi� was not so strong.

The only possible way for her to become Vengeance is by killing Willow, and in order to bring her back to normal Vengeance has to EAT one of the petals of that flower. If Vengeance approaches too much to the flower she loses force and she is debilitated, and if she touches it she remains immovable. When Willow becomes Vengeance, she forgets ALL her life as Willow. As her name says, a part of having the flower�s name, she is extremely vindictive.

If Hohenheim had used what he had left of the stone, Willow had been a normal human.

Thanx to: vdr-07 and jouanofarc

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