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Lawwl, so I was super jucied
that I remembered my password for this sight.

It's been to long that I haven't been on, oh well.

Soo, I'm Chantel, but known as Chantella.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mood: Sleepy

It's just about 7 in the morning, and I have to get ready for school. Ugh, no fun.

This week is so stressfull D: I have AP World History testing on Thursday and the league finals for track tomorrow and Saturday, I'm most def. nervous.

Hahah, but how has everybody been? I'm so excited for summer, less then a month away! yay!

Over the weekend I celebrated one of my best friend's Mayumi's birthday she just turned 16, so that was a lot of fun, even though we both couldn't sleep in D; &we were watching the others earlier, has anybody else seen that movie?
It's kind of creepyy... oh well ahha but the ending is like woooah.

I should start to get ready for school now, toodles!


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