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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh dear..Alot has happened.. well nothing too important to report. Though I did find my iPod in the place where, I never knew was going to be. No not trash can, get those horrible thoughts away. I found it in this shelf that is right near the entrance door, there my father keeps his mail and bills and stuff. It was in the corner..and I wondered..what the hell is it doing here if I had left it downstairs in the basement. It seems that my dad was put it there, since Ricardo mentioned that he saw him with it and place it there.. But anyway it doesnt matter, they lose cause I found it. The batterly wasnt..it was empty..not even stick was left. I juiced it so its all good. Anyway also I watched some Cowbop Bebop, I love Ed. Began watching the series of Trinity Blood and Hellsing. Also not to mention I began watching Samurai Champloo and good greif..I love that show..I love Mugen, Jin..and heck everyone! It's hilarious ..But I began watching it from the beginning..so yeah. Check it out! Other than that..things been usual. Spring break is almost over..boo but I had some fun..not trying to go back to school. Anyway I'm ready to change the theme! Part six is up and below!And to Hinaru, yes that was Ikkaku and the chick was Nemu.. XD




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