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Monday, April 10, 2006

   Hello! Did anyone have a good weekend? I sure did hehe. Well..not really.. I lost my iPod folks but I don't think its 'lost' but 'stolen'. I left it downstairs in the basement and two different people live there..and it was there on friday in the video holders, and friday everyone claims they saw it. Saturday early morning, its not there. At all. Everyone in my house is a suspect. But I can't accuse everyone right? But I want my iPod back. My brother told me someone was downstairs and left within a little moment..did he take it? I don't know but my mom wants me to find it or else I can forget about Poncho forever! I don't know where to look, who to ask because I've done that all Saturday. I want it back, soon. But other than that the rest of Saturday I was pretty much on MSN, and surfing the web.

I wrote more on my story..I guess in total I have 11 papers..from start to on-going. I hope you're all liking this story. Beck and a dream inspired me! I got to see Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I heard my hero's name in it! Che Guevara..though I'm not sure if Batou was happy of his mentioning... But anyway, It was a good episode. I'm back into recording episodes folks!! And boy does it feel good. I slept late, probably at 1 lol but its Spring break! Then I woke up on Sunday, pretty late. For the morning I was watching Cowboy Bebop and playing video games on the PS2 and guess what? I finally got the PSP in mail! It's soo pretty, I'll post a picture whenever I can. So yeah..now I need music and movies XD After that I went to church and then after I saw my friend Karen, the church is like right next to the movies and mall. So I had permission and went over there to chill. We went window shopping and looked at books in Boarders. I went over to the manga/anime section, like usual I really need to get back into the manga reading.. Then after we went to get some ice cream. We also spotted Aldo and his chick but I didn't let that get to me, its Spring Break!

Karen invited me to go see a movie and we did, though we bought tickets to see ATL, we sneaked in to see V For Vendetta. Holy mother flowers! That movie is the shitz! I love V and ..the whole movie, its awesome and sooo worth the money. Hahah we didnt even pay. But yeah..it was awesome. I so going to by this movie when it comes out on DVD. But 7 we took the bus and I saw my old friend Jackie, anyone remember her? She was under the user name: The Forbidden. But anyway, we just talked until we got off at our stop. While me and Karen went our seperate ways, we said good bye. I headed home and no one was there.. So I figured some of them went to late church. This was my chance to see more movies, I bought. Play the PS2 and have a good Sunday night. I saw Family Guy..oh boy that show is hilarious. Anyway I had a good enough weekend. Today, no school and my grandma woke me up when I was in a dream. I hate to get woken up but it was alright, if it happens again I'll flip out for sure. Also today, 4:00PM at Washington D.C. that immigration march, if you haven't heard yet..I'll be going there to rep my race. Geez this post is long, I'm very sorry, I just get blabbling. And luck is so not working with me. I was bidding for a game system, at the last five minutes I was outbidded and I was outside and then..I lost. FUCK my dads pissed off at me..why? Why does this have to happen to me. First my iPod, I lost some money..like 200 bucks and now this..I want to punch someone, and hard. Anyway, next part of the story is located below, Enjoy...



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