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Hi people ^_^
Very moody lately lol, but its nice that i've made some new friends ^_^

*hope my school spontaneously combusts sometime soon*

but yea, i cant wait to see some of ur artworks, so many dam pros here >_< seen some VERY nice work.

HUGE prince of tennis fan >_<
i love looking at p.o.t art work ^_^

ne ways if u ever feel bored, lemme know and we can talk ^_^
so take care everyone!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love Week: There is so much love, yet so much loneliness
That is my quote this week in my locker XD *hangs a board in locker and writes little quotes once in a while* lol HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! my friend bought a rose for me and another friend XD i hope it doesnt die on the way home *curses winter* last time i got a rose, it died in about 2 days T_T makes me feel bad..
School is getting harder >_< dam kinematics.. solubility and i cant do java ne more XD i have to go for extra help too.. then again alot of ppl dont understand how to do java as well.. but i dont wanna be one of them.. gotta worka little hard.
The good thing about valentines day... the sweet sweet chocolate XD ah well i'll buy some later just for the heck of it. Such a weird holiday since people can celebrate their love ne day XD

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   Biology trip today.
Im not going XD i didnt take bio but ALOT of people did, so half the population is gone today XD My eng class consists of 7 people now XD Ah well, maybe it'll be more quiet today..hopefully less work too lol.

I dislike physics right now >_< marks keep dropping for me.. dam kinematics. Dont feel like taking phys again next year T_T kinematics is a little harder than i thought.. hopefully i'll get used to it before a quiz or a test O_o

The good news is that i get a break this friday ^_^. no school! ALL GAMES ALL GAMES! lol but then again the report cards are distributed next week... i dont wanna show my parents tho >_< my math mark dropped ALOT... However i was one of the top in my class with the exam mark ^_^V

Life feels so tiring right now XD hopefully it'll stop snowing soon..

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Aha! i am still alive XD and FREE!!!! *tho i did horrible on my physics exam* IM FREE! lol Im sorry for not being able to update and visit ur sites >_< But i am back however. I also got a new game for myself =D Tales of Symphonia! My new obsession!! i LOVE that game XD its amazing and the storyline really ROCKS! I highly recommend it! aha im also working on wallpapers for that game rite now >=D i hope you're all well tho. I'll come visit u guys now =] Glad to be back tho.. hopefully work wont keep pulling me away from this site XD
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Saturday, December 31, 2005

YAY my internet is back
I lost my phone connection and internet connection on tuesday or so, and then a blackout the next day. Then i got my phone line back but not my internet connection T_T. Ah well i had stuff to do, like play with my new game cube or unlock new songs on my new ddr XD I finished radiata stories, good game, but REALLY short. The moments in the game were pretty depressing sometimes, but i guess its time to join the human side of the game.. stupid humans XD theyre EVIL! Anyways i sent in a new wallpaper today ^_^ i watched so much anime today and i went out for a buffet. Anyways i hope everyone enjoys the new year and that many great things will happen to them =] HAPPY 2006 EVERYONE!
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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hope that u all have a happy holiday! Get some rest, family fun, gifts etc!
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