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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Scared...
yeah...okay well on sunday night as soon as i got home from PRIDE Red, (kind of my uncle but DeeDee's kind of bf) called us and told my mom that DeeDee (my aunt) was in the hospital. They said she had a low potassium level and that she was staying over night. I was upset but knew that she would go home the next day. Then the days went on and on monday night they said they need her for another night because she couldnt walk well without holding on to something. Then they said she would be okay. i became more sad but knew that things would eventually get better...but it went the opposite way. I went to work today (tues.) and my mom was outside. i went out to talk to her and she told me that DeeDee had a stroke. I stood there motionless. She said that she had a stroke in her cerebrum (sp.) which means the arteries that go to her brain stopped cuz they couldnt get blood or the cells that are in that part of the brain. they just sort of died. and it has effected her writing and walking. She cannot write that well but she did her ABC's today and she cannot get up to walk anywhere and my mom said that she may not walk again and im scared...i want her to get better. right now, she has to go through physical therapy to try and teach herself how to walk and write. I havent seen her and i miss her so much. I am going to see her on Thursday during my Fall Break. I would rather be with her than do something without her. I know this post is long but i swear it's true. I'm telling my friends about it tomorrow and im so scared...you may think this is lame but im in tears while writing this...now there's tears all over my keyboard...great! But yeah, it would be so cool if who ever is reading this would please pray that she gets better....i wanna have her walking again and i hope that you can find it in your heart to just pray for my aunt DeeDee please. I would give everything for her to get better...so please pray for her...thank you very much.

~Erika aka Bubbie~

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