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Monday, September 3, 2007

we all dreaded the day school would come. At first i was so upset we had to go back but i was also happy we went back. i had some classes with people i know. Except for one class which is english. yeah, i got a girl in there who hates me for no freaking reason and if she does have a reason i would love to know why. she gives me crap everytime in walk in that room...it sucks but who cares. OMG! just now my neighbor brandon apparently threw rocks at my dog and now im listening to my mom bitch and moan. but omg...i looked out the window and i saw him standing on the end of his driveway and he was just staring like in those horror movies where the killer just stares at you until you look away or he leaves. in this case he left but omfg...it scared the shit out of me. i wonder what he wanted...oh well. anyway our football team played at the RCA dome in Indy Home of the Indianapolis Colts...woo. on sat. and as i predicted we lost. we played at halftime (band) and we marched and omg...we sucked ass. i think we sucked and so did a lot of other people. but afterwards me, kels, kyle m, jaymie, and her cousin all went to culves and we sat with lauren h and megan g. it was cool! a lot of band kids and band parents were there! bartlett (our band director was there as well) it freaking rocked! THIS Weekend is gonna be...interesting. on friday we have a football game and then after that my sis and i are going to a "party" lauren and jessica know what i mean...cough cough. anyway i then have to wake up early to go to jessica and lauren's party and then im staying the night adn then i have PRIDE on sunday...fun huh? im gonna freaking die. welp, i guess that's all for now. sorry so random. until next time.


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