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Monday, January 22, 2007

Here's Fall Out Boy's new music video- This Aint A Scene, It's An Arms Race

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Basketball game
Last night there was a home bb game which i had to play at with the band. So, at first i was bored cuz no one talked to me then as the game went on i got spaztic (sp.) and i was off the wall. Then it was near the end of the game we were tied and idk who had the ball and there was like 5 sec. on the clock and he's a retard and wanted to do a lay-up so we wouldnt have to go into overtime so he went for it and he missed. The other team grabbed the ball and pretty much sprinted down the court and there was apparently like 0.0 sec as soon as it went in. Our players were on the floor and it was so sad. It was the worst game ever. I couldnt believe i had just seen that. Oh well. My sis is getting her car back from the shop so her and mi madre went to go get it. And yesterday my mom surprised me with a new cell phone. I have unlimited text and there's a video camera and a normal camera on it. It's a Razzor so yeah. I am so happy! Well, im gonna go. Later!

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

This morning around 1:30 i got back to school from FL. I went to FL with the band to march in Disney's Magic Kingdom Dreams Come True Parade. It was fun. I hung around with Matt, Megan, and Nathan in the parks. And i roomed with Megan, Kassie, and Shannon. It was fun. I learned stuff i didnt even know about! It was weird. Well, i slept on the way home and KP my alarm clock went off and i woke up. Sadly i didnt have a sweater for this weather. I didnt even think about the coldness of IN. Plane ride home was funny. And i'm in a very good mood right now. And to make it even better i have PRIDE tonight! ah, that was one heck of a trip. (to me anyway) I rode Tower of terror 6 times, Expedition Everest (sp) 3 times, Dinosaur once, Test Track 2 times, Mission Space 3 times (2 orange 1 green), Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and The Tea Cups all once. It was just fun. Well, i am kind of not really glad to be back. I dont want to go back to school but oh well. Later! And By the way this computer wont let me edit my profile. so i cant get the christmas pics off so im sorry. I will be able to on tues. with the school computers till then im sorry.

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Years!
Hey happy New Years to everyone out there! New Years isnt all that fun for me this year. My mom's bday is today and all we've done is watch football. Nothing else to do. So, i watched Spiderman 2. Cuz i love Spiderman! So, now my theme i think will be spiderman. Not sure yet. anyway, new years resolutions. I dont have one yet. No clue what i should do. I'm thinking about no soda for a year or something. I havent decided. I need help. Well, how are you spending your New Years and what's your resolution for 07?

Talk to you in 07!

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

30 GB Ipod
Well, i didnt get a 30 GB but i did get a nano ipod! Yeah, my mom let us open the presents from her and my present from Kels (My sis) from kels i got a $15 itunes gift card and from my mom i got a nano. It's those silver ones. I was like i'll take it. She said if i didnt want it, she'd take it. I was like i'd want this ipod than having no ipod. So, now i have my music and crap on there! Woo hoo! so, yeah. This gift card thing is hard though. I'm so happy! Well, got to go. I'm leaving for Indy! LATER!


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This week is going by so slowly! I look at a clock and it feels like its not moving! I thought it was Thurs. yesterday in Math. I felt like a retard. Cuz i realized it wasnt. I want this week to end! This Christmas, I am going to see my cousins from WI including Scott. Scott couldnt come to Thanksgiving but he's coming for Christmas! Im so excited! After that i am gonna probably go to the band Christmas party and hopefully go to Lauren's party! Then i leave for FL with the band! Heck yes! We're going to march in Magic Kingdom during the parade! Today, we marched around our indoor track 6 times. which was the distance we have to go in FL. So yay! It sucked though. My shoulders began to burn, numb, and stiffen up a lot! Anyways thats all thats new. So later.

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

okay i am doing this report for english and it over Dr. Seuss and i am beginning to hate it. It's becoming a pain. And we had to read 15 books by him and after i read them i began rhyming and not on purpose either! I just did. Pigeon did it too. same with Salad.
I found out what nick wanted. He wants Skittles, Mike and Ikes, and Reese's for his presents. My gma sent a green bag and a card for me to give him. Bag i like card...i dont like. Tomorrow at PRIDE im giving him my gift. I am so nervous. I hope he likes it. If not i'll be upset.
Gifts have been hard this year and i hope ppl are happy with what they get. I am getting gifts for certain ppl. My mom made me lower it down. So yeah. If i dont really give ya something ya like then just give it back or throw it away.
Pride, tomorrow is our Pride x-mas party! I am so excited! Megan will be there so its gonna be awesome! I cannot wait! Im supposed to make fruit salad and bring it and i havent yet. SO im screwed. Now im working on my report so im gonna go!
Sorry So Long...I had to write

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So, christmas...interesting subject. For me, I kinda already know what i want. I want a 30 gig Ipod. I've told my mom so many times that everytime I go i want a she goes "I know, I KNOW!" I laugh. She knows i want one. Idc if thats the only thing i get, I want this more than anything! I love ipods. And i've liked 30 gigs forever. My sis has a nano and now she wants a 60 gig. I was like, "WTF? You already have a ipod! You dont need another!" She said she wanted this one cuz it had more music. So, instead of deleting songs like a normal person would, she's asking for another ipod. Dumbass alert! Anywayz, what do some of you pplz want for Christmas? =D
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hey guys bubbie here! I'm at my cousin's house and we're preparing our dinner for tonight! Everyone comes from my cousin's side of the famliy and my cousins from WI are here! Except my cousin Scott. He had to work and had school. (he's at college) Well, im gonna go help with the pies so l8tr!
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Music world
I have been listening to some new music. I took some of my sisters CDs and put them on my laptop. I have now been listening to System of a Down, 3 Doors Down, Foo Fighters, and I was gonna see if Sum41 was any good but her CD was gone. I'm gonna look in her room l8tr for it. She isnt here. She's in indy w/ my gma. She's seriously sick. If she gets to a certain she may have to be in the hospital. MOst likely she wont be. Cuz nothing bad ever happens to us. Like we were on 231 and my sister's car died as soon as we were turning onto 231 a a semi was heading toward us and i was reading a manga and my sis was screaming SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! and my mom was trying to start the car again. And it didnt hit us. it worked b4 it came. Nothing bad ever happens to us.
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