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Sunday, April 1, 2007

whats up
its been a while but im now here to stay yeah but how is everyone doing me i went to go chill at my friends house yesterday and now im stuck with nightschool due to my evil teacher grr but im doing ok i guess you can say im trying to get a job and working on my house i guess you can say at the moment besides that i think i found the college i want to go to and i got my liscense which rocks other then that i cant wait to go paintballing again peace out
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

im bak
hey all its been a while i miss everyone whats up hehe well to the new news hehe i got with my friend richard and whiskers the other day and we went to go see ghost rider to took my friend jackie also it was actually a pretty good movie afterwards we were on our way out and i saw my long lost friend wolfie shes so cute with those blue eyes when my friend said oh shit its wolfie im like where where i look to see a fat lady and i try to look behind her but saw nothing i finally look down and there she was right in fromt of me lol but we switched numbers and all as she went to go see the new hanibal, after that we went and dropped off jackie at her home and went to mc donnalds and got two fifty piece buckets of chicken nuggets we knew we couldnt eat them all but we were bored lol and headed back to richards and played soul caliber three it was fun we chilled all night till i crashed. the next day i woke up and checked out my myspace on the computer and just chilled till around three when woflie called me asking to go chill im like schweeet so i said bye to richard since he had some work to do and went to her house and found out that she was going to the park to go hiking and im like cool we packed nin people in this one car two in the trunk four in the back and three in the front lol. but we were there till like nine it was fun were were climbing these rock formations and she showed me her secret spot that she loved it was comfy and i looked at the rock and noticed that it had crystal veins it was awsome i chipped a few to give her later we also sneeked into a golf course area and chased a few deer. but when we got home she showered and i went into her room and put the rockes near her fountain and when she saw them i knew it after she pounced me from behind lol. but i got to say hi to her dogs and meet darko her rat hes so cute but he kept trying to go into my pants and then my shirt but hes so small i was afraid id squish him but it was about eleven when i had to leave and we said our goodbyes when i walked through the ditch to meet my mom to go home even better she didnt even notice i walked out of the ditch she kept driving and turned at the next block and did a turn around im like ok and went to the door nd scared her i guess wearing black at night didnt help but im back home around like 12 and crashed i still got a headache from getting hit by so many tree branches but im good.

ill try to comment a few people today asap till then ta people

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

hey all
just thought id drop in and add a post how is everyone doing as yall know im finally 18 and have cash lol but besides that i had a party for a few friends and just chilled my friend ridch was the dj using his computer it was pretty fun it was a little mix of everything you could say i also got me a few new swords and waiting on my sword rack to come in i cant wait hehe other than that just chilling adn doing the same

ta for now nathan

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Monday, February 5, 2007

whats up people well as some of you know i am 18 as of this sunday so i had some fun but besides that i am not having to deal with finding a job so i can help out in getting me some more cash at the store i wanted to workd at yayy lol but also how is everyone ill try to leave a comment to all ive been pretty bussy but love and peace and a good night to all ps sleeping in the rays of the moonlight during a full moon gotta love it
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

hey people
sorry i didnt come back in two days i was on my way home on monday at 2 am sadly my mom and i hit a patch of ice on the road causing us to spin out and also made the car roll off the road but im back finally and im ok but how is everyone doing and that means everyone
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