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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ok everyone sorry i didnt update yesterday but i was super busy. One of my best friends did however request me to draw another chibi since she loved my chibi bunny ^_^ So all you inuyasha fans out there guess what.... I drew a chibi inuyasha!! Well hope yall are satisfied with my drawings so far, im trying really hard on making them look good!! ^_^
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hey everyone its like 1 in the morning but i wanted to say if you get a chance look at my drawings and plzz comment on them. Feel free to tell me what you think cause i seriously need some opinions to see if im doin good or not ^_^ nighty nighty people me: *Gives you cookie* you: *Yay cookie for me*
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey everyone ^_^!!! Christmas might be over but not the holiday joy!! Im goin to start working on a fan fic to put up!! Well i guess i better get started on drawing the characters and come up with the fic first lol Well incase i didnt get to tell anyone yesterday... Happy Late Merry Christmas =} So tell me people what do you think of this as a start for my new fan fic
"Last Hope"


"No mommy!! Please don't leave me!" little Akita cryed as her mommy faded into the dark. "Never forget me my little angel..." ~End Dream~

15 year old Akita woke up with a scream as the same haunting memory came back tonight.

"Why can't i get rid of this dream?" Akita wispered to herself.

"The answer is very simple young lady" Akita jumped with a fright and looked around her hut to find out where the voice was coming from.

"Down here" the voice said. Akita looked down on her shoulder to find what looked to be like a little fairy on her shoulder.

"Who the hell are you and what the fuck are you doin in my hut?" Akita said as she flicked the fairy off of her shoulder and into the wall.

"Hey watch it sister, I may not be as big as you but at least i have better manners."

"Yea yea, whatever who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Well i was here on top priority to inform you about your mom but seeing as how you have no manners it doesnt matter any longer." The little fairy said as she flew out of the hut.

"Wait!!" Akita yelled running out of the hut after the little fairy like thing.

"I'm sorry, may i ask your name?" Akita asked as she looked down at the fairy.

"I am Timari and your not forgiven..Bye bye." and Timari flew off into the night air.

"What!!" Akita yelled. "Why you ungrateful little..."

"Hmmm she seem's to be taking my disapperal better than i thought." Timari thought to herself as she watched Akita from high up in a tree.

"Ah Ha!! There you are!" Akita yelled as she threw a stick at Timari.

"Hey watch it!" Timari yelled as she flew down towards Akita.

"Whatever, just tell me what kind of information you have about my mom." Akita said

"Why should i tell you, im an ungrateful little bug remeber?" Timari said as she stuck her tounge out at Akita. "I'm not telling you a thing until you work on your manners little girl."

"Little? Timari your in no position to be calling me little." Akita said as she smiled evily at Timari.

Timari slowly backed up " Akita whatever your planning you better..."

Akita grabed Timari and took her inside the hut.

"Hey what are you doing let me go!" Timari yelled as Akita locked her in a little cage.

"Nope not until you tell me what you were sent here for."

"Fine let me out and i'll tell you." Timari said as she looked at Akita.

Akita opened the cage and Timari flew off.

"Next time you shouldnt let your prisioner go until they give you the information" Timari yelled back as she flew into the dense jungle.

"And next time you shouldnt leave without taking your stuff." Akita wisphered to herself as she looked at Timari's belongings.

"Looks like I outsmarted you this time little Timari." Akita said as she grabbed Timari's stuff and went back to bed. "Now where was I?" Akita said as she fell back into a deep sleep.

Ok i know this is a long post but i also need as many opinions as i can on this poem to ^_^

The Truth
The truth is you make me happy when i dont even want to smile.
The truth is im scared of how i feel, something i havent experienced in a while.

I know im in danger of being crushed, though this is to overwhelming to conceal.
All I have are doubts and a glimmer of hope, you and I together seem completely unreal.

It's hard for me to think of a future, even when its what I want so bad.
My heart, I doubt, will open up again after loosing someone I thought I had.

You tell me you aren't ready, and I know exactly what you mean.
I believe this is worth wating for so i'll stay your friend in the time between.

Yet the question that burns my mind is if we would even work together?
it might be heaven, maybe hell, it could be the biggest mistake ever.

The truth is i just wanna try to prove that we would stand a chance.
the truth is i think im falling in love, but im chasing after an unwanted romance.

I dare you to let me make you happy, show you everything i can be.
I dare you to feel the way i do and let me be your final fantasy.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

   Merry Chrsitmas
Hey everyone just wanted to say merry christmas. Ive been working on this drawing all day called light of hope. Its my first attempt with shading but the rings represent light and the butterfly represents hope. It shows that even in the worst of situations there's always hope. neways just wanted to tell everyone merry christmas!!
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