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hey yall welcom to my site hope you like. and no ive had one of these for a while. just not this one. just to let you know dont go onto angel07 because the site wont let me back on as that. o yeah i love musicso dont be suprised that i have a lot of lyrics on here. SOPHMOERS ROCK!!! GO CLASSES OF 2010!!!!!!!!! o, i had to quit basketball me so sad.=( DUDE im bored and i now have nothing to do in my first period for the rest of the term!!! im taking photography and that s why i have nithing to do. GO CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS!!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Are You A Future Psycopath?

Well you exhibit some of the signs. But you will only kill if pushed and it will most likely be accidental done in a fit of uncontrollable rage so watch it. Oh and i hope you are calm now i am actually quite happy with my life and dont fancy being killed over a quiz ~ Laughs nervously and walks off ~
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

i hate having a cold. last week it started just by my throat hurting then it went to a fever a day later. then sstuffy nose anf now head ake and an eye infection. my lifes lovly right now.i saw Sweeny Todd on sunday and it was way funny though it wasn't supposed to be. i mean come on how many Harry Potter actors can u fit into one movie and not call it Harry Potter? and only Tim Burrton has the right now days to use red paint for blood and no person can possibly bleed that much, no matter were u cut them. im supprised that Johny Depp can actually sing.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hey guess what u may think im lame but i just finaly got to see Ultra Vilot on tv. it was on a movie channel so there were no commercials! that makes me so uber happy!
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