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hey guys! well i hope u enjoy ur stay here. well while ur here, y dont ya add me & sign my gb ^.^
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

   wowww O.o
hahaha oh shittt. its been forever! well im 18 now and now graduated :) class of 2010! i miss everyone on here lol how the fuck are ya'll?! geeezzz! im pretty damn good <3 :)
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Friday, May 23, 2008

   wow its been awhile ^_^ '
hey guys!
omgawd its been ages! lol
lol have ya'll been?!
ive been great i guess. Just pokin along like always =D lol
oh well XD
otaku has changed alot since i came back!
i totally luff it. <3
yay! summer break is here! FINALLY XD
yesterday was mi last day in hell lmao
yayy cant wait to go car shoppin and stuff like that ^____^
well luv ya freaks ^_~

~Jane <33

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

blacked out! >.
i was in the game (basketball) i just got in there and already i get knocked out. this girl threw i mean THREW the ball at my face and i was thinking to myself " i just got hit" then i fell backwards (you know when you fall, your knees bend?) well i didnt. i fell pretty hard. i blacked out (yeah i didnt here anyone except my coach) for a *thinks* i think 7mins? somewhere around there. its was crazy we played a school called "Spirit de corps" (all black school >.< i never saw soo many black ppl in one place lol there were loud too)yeah i seriously thought i would have a nose bleed, but i didnt which was good ^_^ hahah yeah everyone thought i was joking around, but i wasnt. the refree thought was kidding around >.< lol oh well but yeah now im somewhat okay. she made my face/nose swell up that night (last friday) and now its light blue on my nose ^_^'

soo yeah ^_^'

we're in 2nd place in districts! yay! lol =]

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

ohh mee gee !
sorry i havent been online for awhile! sorry sorry sorry! >< well how was your christmas everyone? well mine was great ^^ hows life at the moment? well its okay for me ^^

well i hope your day is okay!
l8ter kiddos ^^


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