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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


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Merry (late)Christmas and happy holidays to you all!!! XD

It's been really busy over here... so I didn't do much as far as posting goes. ^^" Very sorry about that.

Hmmm... recent events... well, we got in a car accident on Friday-fortunately no one was hurt, but the front left panel and the front of the car is pretty messed up. The best news is: I WASN'T DRIVING!!! XD It was my dad, and it wasn't his fault either-so good new all the way around on that. One of my friends asked me if I had driven the car when it happened, and I was very happy that I could tell her no, lol. Though, I was in the passenger's seat.... so I got a good view. XP
It was like deja vu though... very similar to the accident I was in with my mom in KY, in like '98 or '99.
Except we were in the opposite positions... odd. Anyways, I can't go into great details about it to prevent bodily injury to myself in case she should happen to read this, lol. XD

Christmas was very fun, but very busy!!! I absolutely adore the prismacolor markers dad bought for me!!! :3 I use them a lot, and have been fending off the headaches from accidentally inhaling too much of the fumes since, lol.
Mom bought me a huge makeup kit, with several very cute bags that holds a lot of it. ^^ Gotta love black and red makeup bags, right?
I have no clue what on earth I'm going to do with a half-dozen things of blush though... I don't even use the stuff!! Ah well, maybe I can give some to my friends??? ^^"""

My fav grandmother (the only one I talk to actually) sent my siblings and myself very pretty (and sparkly) Christmas cards with present money inside, so I'm going to indulge in a few more books. Lol, and add to my already huge collection. ^^ Books are like chocolate though, you can never have enough!!! Now... some girls would apply that to guys too, but that's a different matter alltogether, lol! XD

Anyways, I would also like to tell anyone who cares to read this-that I am now only going to be able to take art trades. ^^""" If I don't I get bogged down with a lot of requests, and my poor memory just can't seem to remember them all.... so this makes it much easier to deal with. ^^d

Anyways, happy holidays everyone!! Enjoy the rest of Christmas vacation!!!

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Friday, December 8, 2006

   :: New Pic!! ::

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Well, I haven't updated in ages... ^^"" Hahah, sorry 'bout that!! It's been a really busy time for me, and I'm starting to pack up stuff as we're going to be moving soon. XP Hate moving, all the packing, stacking, and hauling to do. Ah well, maybe this will be the last time?? I'm hoping so.
Anyways, I recently posted a pic for the contest going on!
Please check it out!!! I'd love to get some more feedback on it. ^^v

I hope that there'll be a lot more entries, as this is for a good cause. ^^d

I'm in the process of finishing an overdue pic... so I'll write more later. Ja ne everyone!!

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006


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OMG!!! O.O
My "Brotherly Love" comic made the Today's Featured Fan Manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's so cool!!! XD I never thought it'd be that popular, lol. So right now I'm celebrating. ^^v *cheers and tosses confetti* I guess I should hurry up and post some more ne?? lol

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Friday, October 27, 2006

   §New Pic!§

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Yay!! I finally finished strawberryparfait's pic, so now I only have one more to do. ^-^d *cheers*
Please check it out!!!

Lol, I finally did a bg instead of being lazy and just putting some colors on it.

Also, I'm hoping to have some pics of my main two characters from "Luna Fae" on my site tomorrow. ^^ Hopefully... if I'm satisfied with how they look they'll be up.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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Well, I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed (OUCH!!!!) so I feel horrible at the moment. And I remember now why I hate taking medicine... it really messes with your head, heh. XP So I'm a little off...

Anyways, I'm working on a short manga to post sometime this month. :) It's called 'Luna Fae' and I'll post some pics of the characters on my site soon. XD It's fun to play with, and K-chan really likes it--so I'm definitely going to try to get it done and up soon.
Hopefully I'll have some char pics up sometime next week. ^-^d Maybe this weekend.... if I get fortunate.
I'm also still working on the final 2 request pics, so those should be done soon... I hope. Sorry for the wait!! I'm trying to get them done asap, and keep them looking nice. ^^""
Ja ne!!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

   ::Status Report:: lol

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Another post!! lol, sorry, I've been sick all week thanks to *cough*someone*cough*. They know who they are, heh.

Anyways, I'll post more of the story later-after I work some of the kinks out. ^^

Hmmm... this week I had a major and a minor cavity filled (fun!! not) and tests, lots and lots of tests. *sigh* So yeah, totally peachy!! lol

Here's the status on my requests ^^:

Animangel0-status-complete (sora and kairi)

serenityrain-status-complete (mew serenity)

Sage of Magic-status-complete (tiger and suika)

mewmewlover55-status-complete (tsunade and sakura)

strawberryparfait-status-incomplete (kiichi and trillium human form)

timbermoonkiss-status-incomplete (mihro)

Anyone who would like to request a pic, please pm me. ^^ I'm trying to get these done in a reasonable amount of time, so bear with me.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

   Story Excerpt!!

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My life at this point is utterly miserable... *cries* I'm practically flunking in plane geometry... and I thought it wouldn't be that bad!!! I knew I should've taken algebra 2. At least I understand that... *sigh*

On a happier note, I've been playing around with my new programs and found that I love using corel painter. At least, the airbrush feature. ^^v It makes the pic's colors look so soft!!! I used that for a pic for my friend on her b-day. She absolutely loved it. ^^ Everyone kept commenting on the color, so I smiled outwardly. Inwardly I cringed and cursed the printer.... as the colors didn't come out quite right. They were pale in comparison... *sigh* but it was okay since she liked it.

Also, I've been trying to decide on a story to work on... but haven't quite comed up with anything.

Here's a smidgen of one I've been working on:

Excerpt from Hunter and the Hunted Chap. 1

Moonlight shimmered, bathing the silent forest in a wash of silver light and dark shadows that moved with a life of their own. The leaves stirred and branches rustled as a faint breeze whispered and sighed through the night. Clouds drifted with lazy complacency over the ink black sky and over the silvery-blue moon, causing the shadows to grow drastically.

And as the shadows grew, the Hunter moved.

Slowly, silently-he was just another shadow himself as he walked with inhumanly quiet steps, as full of grace and liquid ease as a panther. His golden eyes pierced the darkness like two glowing twin orbs of purest gold flecked with amber. The silver light filtered down through the dense foliage and toyed with the deep red of the Hunter's waist-length fiery mane.

The Hunter moved.

The shadows and light both took turns ebbing and rising like waves of the sea with the passing of the dark clouds overhead. Crickets chirped
out their unceasing song, while nightbirds took up a mournful chorus to the faint rhythem of the trees.

The Hunter watched.

Nothing escaped his gaze, his roving golden eyes saw everything that moved or breathed within his presence. Lifting his head, he felt another breeze drift in and away through the woods like a ghost. The Hunter's nostrils flared as he caught a strange scent the breeze carried with it.

Something had invaded HIS forest. Growling low in his throat, the Hunter turned sharply on his heel and stalked soundlessly in the direction of the intruder's scent.

The Hunter began his chase.


Kaoru ran, chest heaving, bare feet slapping loudly against the cold earth. Her tattered garment, what remained of her borrowed tunic and breeches, fluttered and waved gaily as she dashed through the thickening woods. Labouring for breath, she plunged ever onward. There was no going back.

There would be no escape. To return from whence she came was death. Not literal death, but Kaoru considered the fate that awaited her there to be worse (almost) than death.

She could only hope the forest would give her shelter for the night. The girl barely dared to allow hope for that. Pushing back her tangled mass of raven-black hair that had been robbed of its ribbon a few hours ago, she blinked away the growing fatigue from her crystal blue eyes. She had to keep going, she had to-

Kaoru tripped and fell face forward with a startled shriek that pierced the night air like a thunderclap. The child lay like a stone on the ground, hardly daring to even breathe. "Please don't let them get me." she prayed, the words becoming a steady mantra in her exhausted mind. Three, four, five minutes came and went with agonizing slowness. Pushing herself up with trembling, bruised, and dirty arms-Kaoru took a shuddering breath and tried to calm her racing heart while wiping away the dirt from her face.

Petal pink lips trembled, and sooty black eyelashes caught the scalding tears that threatened to continue and fall down the girl's face. A tiny, whimpering sob escaped her throat as she felt the fatigue crawl its way up and over the adreneline's borrowed energy.

She could not break now. She had to be strong.

Biting back another wave of despair and tears, Kaoru chewed relentlessly on her lower lip as she grasped the tree beside her to help get to her aching feet. Kamiya Kaoru did not give up so easily, never before and not now. Beginning at a walk, Kaoru quickly changed her pace to a jog, then began to run again after catching her breath and recapturing a hold on the temporary store of energy the newest adrenaline rush had given her.

She would make it.


End of excerpt

Okay, if you couldn't tell-it's a fanfic about Rurouni Kenshin. ^^ Love that series to death. The books are way better than the anime as far as a storyline goes. I really hated the arc with that wanna-be Christian guy. (not even going to mention his name) It rankled me.

Moving on... please tell me what you think of the piece, and whether or not you think I should continue it. ^^ I'll post chapters on here if you think I should. My sis says I should do something with my stories other than let them collect dust in the computer (figurative, people!!!) Please and thanks!!!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

BaCk FrOm ThE dEaD!!! :lol: ^^

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Hi everybody!! Long time no see, ne? Well, I've been busy working at Dairy Queen... until recently when mom and dad forced me to quit. They didn't like the fact that I was working 65-70+ hours. ^^" Ah well.... maybe with school starting up again, it's for the better... (yeah... right)

Anyways, my sis has been getting on my case for not posting any pics so I guess I'll be putting some up soon...
Though I've been having problems with my mouse while coloring... so maybe it's time to invest in a tablet? I'll probably try to do that before school begins, so there's time to play with it.

We've also been going to Sea World a lot. ^^ It's sooooooooooo cool there!! But really, really, really, (add a thousand more really's in) hot. It's at least 90 degrees everytime we go. :P That's really bad considering the park's huge... but yesterday we went and I finally got to shop!!! Yay!! lol

Though next time, I'll get some souvenirs for me to keep instead of buying things for everyone else, heh. ^^"

Also, to finish up, I bought the last book of Rurouni Kenshin a few weeks ago. ^^"" I hated what Watsuki did to Kenji, but I liked how he ended it... unlike the evil people who did the OVA's. :growls: They killed Kenshin off for no good reason!!! Anyways... I was really happy that he wasn't killed off in the manga. It just seemed really cruel to do so. His new series, Buso Renkin, looks really interesting--I can't wait for my book order to arrive so I can read it!! ^^

Ja ne!

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   Happy Birthday Koneko-chan92!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Koneko-chan92!!!! ^^
My sis turned 14 today, lol.
Anyways, I would definately not advise staying up late, then getting up early to make breakfast-especially if you're frying something. ^^" It's bad for you.....

I'm starting to take requests. ^^ So pm me if you have one, I only have one request that I'm working on at the moment- which is a first! So again, if you have a request, pm me.
Btw, does anyone think I should do a kakashi/sakura pic? I've been thinking about doing one, but I don't know..... ._.'

Oh! Dad made a pot of coffee, and since it is my sis' b-day, he let her have a cup. I ended up making both of our cups- my fav thing to do with coffee is to pour in a good amount of hershey chocolate sauce then put creamer in.
Anyways- long story short- I offered my little bro a sip. He politely *amazingly he was polite!* declined until I told him there was chocolate in it, then he quickly changed his mind, lol.
Koneko-chan92 told him, "See, no one's too good for coffee."
He replied, "No, I'm just not too good for chocolate." ^^ I about had a laughing fit inwardly- seeing as how if I laughed aloud they would question me about what I was laughing about... last thing I need in the morning is an interrogation. ^^"
Btw, if you haven't seen my pic of kakashi, please check it out and tell me what you think of it. I'm kind of mift at it though, as it already has 10 votes in just a little over 1 day!!! It topped the rest of my pics so quickly it wasn't even funny!!! Shoukld I be happy or not about that is my mental war at the moment... -_-""" I guess I should draw more pics of guys instead of girls like I normally do?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


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My new pic is up! I tried drawing Kakashi, anyways, please tell me what you think. ^^

I'm so sorry everyone!!!!! Between school and a ton of other things I just don't have more than a few hours to call my own *sob*. -_-"
But I'm going to try to catch up on everything and try to spend more time online. I hope you all are doing well. ^^
Oh! My birthday was the fourth, so I'm 16 now! ^^ I'm happy about it 'cause I'm closer to getting my license. Also I got my ears double-pierced and a cartilage piercing. The cartilage one is on my right ear, I'm going to be so happy when it heals because it hurts like crazy when it gets snagged on stuff. Also I have been losing sleep because the earings like to snag on the pillows.... trying to work around it, but it's still a pain.
Also, my parents had no clue what to get me for my birthday, but knew I liked games so they bought me this limited edition mario nintendo ds kit. I'm hoping to buy Lost in Blue as it looks like an interesting game for it. Has anyone played it? Should take me longer to get through than the mario racing game, lol.
One more thing before I go, the teen group from church is going to a paintball park. ^^" I'm thinking I'm going to go, it sounds like fun and goodness knows it would be fun to see if I can still aim well. Laser tag I guess wouldn't help me with this, but it's a nice thought. Apparently mom doesn't want my sis and me to go seeing as how the paintballs hurt. Well, duh! It's going to hurt, you're getting shot with a paintball! How's it not going to hurt?
Moving on-
Anyways, if I go, wish me luck, lol.
Also, *I lied when I said one more thing* I made an account on fanfiction.net, I should be able to post stuff there soon, so I'll post a link here if I get a decent story up. I do have a fictionpress account- Eventide Rose. Look me up if you're bored. ^^
Hmmm... two more things and then I'll really stop- I've got a ton of new fanart that I need to post... like my requests, heh... ^^" gomen nasai!!!! I should have some up tomorrow.... if my scanner works right anyways.
And here's a funny quote I found. ^^v

"Most people learn by observation, and there are the few who learn by experimentation. And then there are those who actually TOUCH the fire to see if it's really hot." -Anonymous

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