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hey guys, its breaking... i am a huge anime fan. i love inuyasha, full metal alchemist, yuyu hakashu, all the gundam series, gundam wing was my first anime, i like wolfs rain and some more...oh... and i am a huge archery compedator

Sunday, January 1, 2006

hey yall
ok i know i havent been on here in like forever but Archery took off and i well kinda forgot..sorry...lots has happened
but any ways..how yall doin?

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

school started back..its all good besides the guys who grab my but and wont leave me alone...i'v got stockers lol..no actually i did but hes gone know he pulled a knive on me and ben but he's gone know and every thing is ok...but ben got cut..form him...*tear*
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Thursday, August 4, 2005

When thinking becomes knowing
As sage knows i'm haveing some problems with my boy friend...and some more of you know this as well...so heres to let you know...every things cool now and this is the poem i wrote..for him..but i also want to thank you sage...for being there for me...you diserve that girl you like...(im not telling who tho) but you know who i am tlaking about!

Writing things with your name
Most have already been read
Yet here lies a new one
This time it might even be said

Youre on my mind
Every second of the day
I think of you and your smile
So sweet, so kind, giving me many things to say

I think of you so often youre in my dreams
Every thing I want, comes true
From your words and actions
It all happens because I have you

Even when we talk
I think of you and the night before
Stopping in mid sentence, realizing Im about to speak my dreams
Embarrassing enough, still you want to know more

But here is where thinking becomes knowing
When I hear I love you
In your voice
I know its true

I know that the feelings I hold close to me
Right beside my heart
Are truer then true
And Ive known this from the start

By: Sammi Jo

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


The color of your soul... (really cool anime~ish pics!!) by Blonde Angel
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Im going to tenneessee (sp?) yeapo im exsited....im going with sime friends and this tiem its not for archery...what a releave but ill be shooting and practiceing down there lol

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