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hi my name is david. My friend told me about this site and stuff so i decided to visit and make an account. This place dont seems so bad anyways. All you really need to knwo abotu me is really just the fact that Im gay and that I am UBER zombie obsessed. No lie. I am Mexican too. Spanish is my first language. Though I mostly pseak Engliush cuz Im in America now. Help me wiht english ok?
The bands I love are: Rammstein, Dresden Dolls, The Stooges, and The Warlocks

Blarg! Brainzzzz out.

Zombie Like Lovers - The Warlocks

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

   Becuz Im an asshole.....
Dustin lieks Cassie! dustin likes Cassie!
And he cant see since I posted here! ^__^
I love being teh annoying Mexican in the group!!! >:)
Burnt fries for all because I work at Mickey fucking D's!!! DDDDX
lol....whats up?

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